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New Android apps to download on Google Play in April 2022

Google Play Store provides millions of apps for users worldwide.

Be it games, health and fitness, innovative recipes, apps to help improve sleep or various streaming services, it has it all. No wonder people look forward to exploring new and best apps each month. A host of free and updated versions of various apps are among the ones featured for April 2022 that are sure to appeal to you as per your several needs such as fitness tracking, photo editing, to-do lists and so on.

A quick glance at the best Android apps to try in April 2022

One of the best Android apps is adidas Running, especially for workout and running enthusiasts who would like to track their fitness goals. The app lets you log 90 types of fitness activities along with key statistics such as ‘calories burned’ and ‘duration’ as well. Isn’t it a good idea to use your Android smartphone to stay fit?

Following this is Listy, a free app that is compatible with Android devices and enables you to make lists of movies or TV shows seen or even how much beer you have consumed. This app is noteworthy because of the variety of categories you can use to track your meetings or schedules or daily routines.

In most cases, the apps have been updated this year with advanced features for their free users. Let us take a look at seven Android apps that are completely free to download.

adidas Running

best android apps runtastic
Image Credit: Runtastic

User Rating: 4.5

Offered by Adidas Runtastic, this is an excellent app for those who want to ace their fitness game by achieving their daily workout goals specially by running.

While the focus is on running, this Android application can also log 90 types of fitness activities or sports, as mentioned earlier, which include yoga and swimming. It uses duration, distance covered, calories burned and monitors heart rate data and other statistics related to the sports enthusiasts. It comes with amazing training instructions that caters to everyone – a novice or an experienced runner and athlete.

You can participate in virtual races and set personal fitness or running goals. You can also keep the competitive spirit alive by connecting with your friends in the app’s valuable fitness community.

While adidas Running is a free to download app, some features such as creating your own marathon plans, storing your personal records and auto-pausing when you stop movement come under its premium version (payable).

Download adidas Running


Image Credit: Listy/Twitter

User Rating: 4.4

As the name hints, Listy is a handy tool that you can use to keep track and make lists of things, such as your day-to-day tasks, your daily meetings and schedules, privately.

Developed by Listy Team, the Android app is different from others on the Google Play store, as this one allows you to make to-do lists of movies or TV shows you have seen, books or articles you have read, podcasts you have heard, food or drinks you have consumed and much more.

What makes Listy stand out is that it collects data from the web and features images and metadata of content, such as movies, that is performing well. The app is extremely easy to use and satisfies every user’s needs. You can choose from a variety of categories and create handy reminders.

This free app doesn’t need any registration and stores all your information in your Android device only. It also enables cross device syncing, as per which you can save information from any app using its share extension feature.

Download Listy

Kwai Video Editor and Maker

Image Credit: Kwai/Google Play Store

User Rating: 4.1

One of the most popular free android apps available on Google Play, Kwai, is a powerful app consisting of video editing tools that enables you to trim, cut and split videos on your device easily.

Offered by Olax Inc, it has a video converting feature that is a boon for all social media vloggers. You can merge and join videos as per your needs. There’s also a converter function to pull an MP3 file out of a video. More so, with the video compression function you can reduce the size of the video, thereby freeing up space in your phone, without impacting its quality.

This app has a fantastic mobile version that enables you to make short videos in 60 seconds easily, which you can share on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and so on.

As a video editing app, Kwai also allows you to change or adjust the speed of the video, add music to it and create a reverse video that looks magical. You can also rotate or flip your short video to make it look attractive and unique. Besides, the app lets you convert video into photos as well.

Download Kwai


Image Credit: Pixlr

User Rating: 4.2

Formerly known as Pixlr Express, this free android app is a must download if you love editing photos and creating collages in one click .

Imagine capturing a special moment and editing it with over 2 million combinations of filters, effects and overlays – that too for free! You can also use your images in Google Photos and let Pixlr weave its magic on them.

Offered by Inmagine Lab, this Android app has made its cut in Google Store’s Editors’ Choice as one of the best Android apps for editing photos. What makes it a seamless experience are its intuitive features such as Auto Fix in which you can easily adjust the colour of your photos or Double Exposure through which you can use layers and adjust transparency and create a variety of effects for your images.

More so, in just a few clicks, this Android app removes blemishes, red-eye and whitens teeth with simple tools. It is one of the best apps for mobile devices with an equally functional desktop version.

Download Pixlr


Image Credit: Pointz

While talking about the best free Android apps, we can’t miss this one for sure. Pointz is an essential app for micro mobility riders, such as bikes, scooters and skateboards, who are looking for various routes to get to their desired destination.

While Google Maps is already doing that, what sets this Android app apart is that it uses crowdsourcing to find newer routes that may not be included elsewhere. Other features of the app include evaluating roads, in terms of ‘surface’ or ‘traffic’, directly from the home screen of the app so that you can ride stress-free.

The navigation app offers safety by providing traffic data such as speed limits, road surface type and type of road (residential, commercial). As a part of its extra features, you can also choose between safest and fastest routes.

The free Android app utilises Wiki World’s OpenStreetMap for its existing data. Offered by Pointz Mobility Inc, this new app has a lot of potential and works well in sync with your Android phone.

Download Pointz


Image Credit: Ascom Americas/Twitter

User Rating: 4.1

Adding to the list is a free app for your mental health and wellbeing. Moodfit understands your moods and provides exercises to navigate through negative emotions.

Whether you are experiencing stressful emotions such as anxiety or depression or you simply want to track your different moods, this Android app is designed to help you feel at ease. It has an inbuilt questionnaire that aids in determining the intensity of the symptoms along with articles and audio files that support you as you understand yourself better.

Offered by Roble Ridge Software LLC, the app also enables you to note your moods and learn what influences your feelings. The actionable insights and strategies then offered are tailored for you to feel better.

Further, its cognitive behavioural therapy section shows you how to address negative thoughts and it is also equipped with strategies for fine tuning irrational thoughts so that you can change your perception.

While the free tier provides you with the best of the app, Moodfit’s paid version comes with the ability to customise your own trackable items or activities. Tools such as insight graphs can easily help you ascertain how far you are faring in your custom tasks.

Download Moodfit


Image Credit: Mubert/Google Play Store

User Rating: 4.1

If you are looking for a music streaming service platform that provides unique, royalty-free music on your Android phone, then your search ends right here.

Mubert enables you to select a music genre as per your mood and then plays AI-generated music in seconds. You may then choose to like or dislike the suggestion according to your preference. After which the free Android app creates a personalised tracklist to suit your needs. You can also add the music to your content on YouTube, podcasts and so on.

Offered by MUBERT Inc, its impressively designed theme and interactive user Interface adds to its appeal. It also allows you to earn money out of your creation as well. Doesn’t that sound exciting?

The Android app also comes with a premium version that offers great flexibility if you like to stream music for a longer period of time.

Download Mubert

(Hero and Featured Image Credit: adidas Runtastic/Facebook)

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