April 25, 2024


Feel everything

Deep-Sea Horror RPG One-Shot, Alone in the Deep, Releases on Itch.io


If you love deep sea horror and have been looking to spice up your RPG campaign, then Alone in the Deep is just for you. Running on the Mothership RPG system, this brand new indie adventure takes players under the sea, tasking them with trying to save their remaining crewmates from a creepy catastrophe.

Created by S.Murphy Games, Alone in the Deep can be experienced as a standalone one-shot, or as part of an ongoing campaign. You can check out the official description for the game right down below.


Something has gone terribly wrong on the Rimor 89. Crew are failing to report for duty, strange sounds are echoing throughout the vessel, and it feels as though the ocean itself is trying to eat the submarine alive. Can the remaining crew figure out whats happening? Or will the Rimor 89 end up as yet another wreck on the ocean floor?


Alone In The Deep is designed for the easy to run Mothership RPG system (while being easy to convert to any other) and fits entirely on an a4 pamphlet. The adventures layout is designed around being easy to read and run at a glance, making it an ideal module for GM’s of any experience level. 

Alone in the Deep is available now for free to download on itch.io.