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Roger Federer is the highest-paid tennis player


Description: Learn more about the greatest star in the tennis field, among the areas covered include his early life, family, and the awards he has won.

When considering all tennis stars, one person who cannot miss in the list is Roger Federer. The number one player for several times, as Kate Richardson puts it, has dominated the tennis scene for several years. With tennis betting, one person who never missed in the list of players which bettors wagered on is Roger Federer.

Kate Richardson on a lighter note observes that bettors would want to chip in and share their fortunes as the highest-paid tennis player through betting on the player in most of the matches. In her comprehensive analysis of the matches that Roger Federer had played, the Mightytips online football betting websites expert and tennis sites said she identified several aspects about the play including precision and discipline. According to the betting expert, depending on the best tennis tipster has given bettors an upper hand when it comes to tennis betting. The tennis tipster can offer bettors first class predictions where they cover all the ATP and WTA tours among others. Kate also advises bettors to select the best tennis betting sites as this guarantees the best wagering experience. These bookmakers also stand a higher chance of offering handsome welcome bonuses as well as features that make tennis betting easy and enjoyable.

For more details on Kate Richardson’s analysis and her profile click here. In this article, we will explore Roger Federer’s professional career including a brief look at his early life where we will establish Roger Federal ageamong other aspects as we seek to know the player better.

Roger Federer’s early life

According to search engines, there are some elements that people who are looking to know more about this player concentrate on, they include: how old is Roger Federer, Roger Federer’s wife as well as where he comes from. To answer the question of Roger Federer age, the tennis star was born forty years ago, precisely on 8th August 1981.

As for the issue of where is Roger Federer from, the player was born in Basel Switzerland where his father Robert Federer is a Swiss-German and his mother, Lynette Federer is a South African. The issue regarding where he comes from continues to confuse many as the player can be linked to several places.

First, he is known to have grown up in Birstfelden then moved to Muchenstein, a town that is close to the borders of France and Germany. What puzzles many of his fans is his ability to speak in multiple languages. Roger Federer is among the people who can be termed as linguistically talented and advantaged. The tennis player speaks six languages; these are Swiss German, Standard German, French, English, Italian and Swedish. However, his native language is Swiss German.

Military service

One interesting thing about Roger Federer perhaps many including those who have been betting on the player to win his matches do not know is that he was required to serve full time in the military due to his unsuitability. In Sweden, one is supposed to serve the military upon reaching a certain age. For those who are unable to serve fully, they serve in the civil protection force, a position that means one can be called upon to serve in the army when required, for instance in times of war.

Regarding his family, and Roger Federer wife; topics that top the searches for those looking to explore his life, the tennis player is married to Miroslava Federer, a former tennis player. The two are said to have met when they were playing for Switzerland during the Sydney Olympics in 2000. Miroslava was to retire two years later due to a serious foot injury. They married in 2009 and together they have two sets of twins, the first being identical girls and the second identical boys.

Roger Federer tennis career

Now that we have a background of the player in terms of where he comes from and his family, let’s now explore Roger Federer tennis career. His first match as a junior tennis player was at age 14. Two years later, Roger Federer was to perform well in the Wimbledon in 1998 where he won the boys’ singles against his rival Irakli Labadze.

In the doubles, where he teamed up with Olivier Rochus, they defeated Michael Llodra and Andy Ram. He was also lucky to reach the US Open, the same year he lost to David Nalbandian. He is famed for his four ITF junior singles tournaments and the fact that he ended 1998 triumphantly by being declared as number one in the junior ranking.

Between 1998 and 2002, the tennis player can be said to have been in his early professional career. He won several tournaments including the:

  • 1998 Swiss Open Gstaad
  • 1998 Swiss indoors
  • 1999 Marseille Open
  • 2001 Hopman Cup
  • 2001 Milan Indoor

His attempt to win the first Wimbledon Championship was thwarted by Tim Henman in the quarter-finals. At Miami Master, Federer lost to Andre Agassi but, overall his early professional career can be termed as successful as he won four but lost six matches. For any betting enthusiast, having such details before placing a bet is crucial.

The players’ background and their form during the match are crucial information in tennis betting. It allows the player to make the right prediction. For instance, during Federer’s early professional career, knowing how he had performed in his crucial matches gives a bettor an advantage when it comes to betting for or against him.

Breakthrough at Wimbledon

Federer’s win of his first Grand Slam title opened the way for his successful tennis career. This was at Wimbledon, where he beat Andy Roddick in the Semifinals and Mark in the final to lift the cup. He was also to take over the number one ranking for the first time in his life; this was when he won the Montreal tournament. His star continued to shine where he won the Miami double master event among other tournaments. 

Since 2003, Roger Federer has dominated the tennis courts where he has won in several Grand slam tournaments. 2006 happens to be his career’s best where he won 12 singles among them three Grand Slam titles. He also continued to perform better in subsequent years, recording mixed fortunes in different tournaments. He is truly one of the great tennis players and also happens to be among the most expensive players in the sport. He has been an inspiration to many, especially the young. His star will continue to shine in the sport with many aspiring to reach his level.


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