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Wordle #320 Hints and Answer for Thursday, May 5



It’s Cinco De Mayo, but unfortunately, there is no relation between today’s Wordle and the holiday. Despite that, today’s word of the day is a sneaky one and seems much more like something not many would expect. Now that we are well into the month, keeping that streak feels like a daunting task. Fortunately, we have some hints and the answer for today’s Wordle (Thursday, May 5).

Hints for Wordle May 5

Here are some hints to help you get today’s word:

  • This word contains two vowels.
  • The word starts with a consonant.
  • This is a baseball term used when the batter hits the ball and is able to make an entire lap around the field without stopping.
  • This word is also the name of the Greek author who wrote the Odyssey.
  • The Wordle for today is also the name of the dad from the Simpsons.

Today’s Wordle 320 Answer

Should you somehow not know what the answer is by now, here is the answer for today’s Wordle.


The answer to the May 5 Wordle is HOMER.

How Does Wordle Work?

Wordle is a word-guessing game where you are tasked to guess a five-letter word. You have six guesses, but with each guess, the game gives you hints based on the letters you used in each word.

When the entered word has letters in grey boxes, that means those letters do not exist in the word of the day. Letters in yellow boxes indicate that they exist in the word of the day, but are used elsewhere in terms of positioning. Letters in green mean they exist in the word of the day and are in the right position.

You can play Wordle now for free on a smart device like a phone or tablet or on a PC via the New York Times’ website.


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