May 20, 2024


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Columbus Day – Party Games for a Great Celebration

Columbus Day is an occasion celebrated by many people. If you’re planning a Columbus Day party, games such as the following can make the occasion enjoyable for all involved:

“The Hat Game” Columbus Day Party Game

This Columbus Day party game requires a little preparation. Prior to the party, inflate plenty of balloons (at least 2 per guest), putting a paper slip in each before blowing them up. Hang balloons from the ceiling (if it’s not too high) and walls of a large room. Make a small paper hat for each guest, with a needle or sharp toothpick attached to the top. The object of the game is for guests to use their heads to pop as many balloons as possible, collecting the paper slips to keep count as they go. Once all balloons are popped, the player who popped the most balloons is the winner of this Columbus Day party game.

“Farm Buddies” Columbus Day Party Game

This Columbus Day party game is a great ice-breaker for children old enough to understand the rules. When all guests have arrived, walk around and whisper the name of a farm animal in each guests’ ear. Make sure that each farm animal is allocated to at least 2 (with a trio if number are uneven) children. Explain to all children that they have to find out who their partner is, but can only ask ‘yes or no’ questions. The first pair to correctly find each other are the winners of this Columbus Day party game.

Extra party games on hand is smart planning just incase things slow down at the Columbus Day celebration.