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Weekday Escape N°337 – Walkthrough Guides, Reviews, Discussion, Hints and Tips at Jay is games


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Hi! Weekday Escape and Weekday Puzzle are here!

Selfdefiant takes you for two short trips to nature – to Montana and Nebraska this time. In tomoLaSiDo‘s escape you need to get out of a small house through the front door – through the back door you can leave much earlier in the game but it doesn’t count. Willakelin‘s entry to Weekly Game Jam 249 is surprisingly atmospheric for a short game, and then comes a remake of Cabeza‘s escape (published on Primera site) – it’s a good old game.

Two logic games follow, a platformer by Noa Dev and lasers-and-mirrors game by Salt Pastel Studio. The platformer is quite easy (as all Noa Dev‘s ones) and accessible for players not much experienced in platformers.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Notice, that Weekday Puzzle will not be posted tomorrow – puzzle games are in this Weekday Escape.

Both in Montana and Nebraska you find yourself outdoors in nature, but the ways how to escape particular states are different. In Montana, you can just drive away, and to get the key from a truck is easy – to get to it not so much, you need to overcome a stream first. In Nebraska, you’re supposed to sail away on the river and therefore your goal is to find a canoe, a paddle and a life-saving vest.
The cursor isn’t changing, autosave, one ending.

milkbottle.pngAs all tomoLaSiDo‘s escape challenges with a round number, this one is longer and has more puzzles to solve (the soundrack haven’t changed yet). You’re supposed to put together six parts of the key from the front door and collect seven empty milk bottles – you leave with only one, though, and that’s enough for the perfect ending. Puzzles are good and has a reasonable difficulty (most of them).
The cursor isn’t changing, autosave, one ending.

fruit.pngWillakelin‘s escape (made for Weekly Game Jam 249) from a boat cabin (?) is rather short but has a good art, few quality puzzles and its soundtrack helps to create an atmosphere of a slightly dystopian world – and that’s quite a lot for a few minutes game!
The cursor isn’t changing, no save option, one ending.

hawaii.png hawaii1.png

Primera‘s site has been renewed and we’ve got a present by Cabeza! It’s an old school escape with a changing cursor and challenging puzzles, and I felt like playing a game from times when escaping began to develop and indeed, it is a remake of Cabeza‘s escape from 2010 (unavailable now). The atmospehere is on spot. Very enjoyable!
The cursor is changing, no save option, one ending.


All Noa Dev‘s platformers are rather easy even for players not good at those and /or not much fond of these. The plot is simple – you need to join Emerald and Amber, and Emerald is the one who moves – Amber just waits. In (almost) 100 levels Emerald has to jump a lot, but it’s easy in this game, and the the special feature it has helps a lot. Emerald can get stuck on horizontal surfaces of platforms and leave it any time.
Controlled by WASD/Arrow keys, R to restart a level. Autosave, 99 levels.

robot.pngLogic game by Salt Pastel Studio is typical lasers-and-mirrors game, and your goal is to direct a laser beam to a robot/robots and “awake” him/them. In all levels are small stars, too, and if a beam goes through the box with a star, you collect it. A pleasant graphics and soundtrack.
Controlled by a mouse. Autosave, 100 levels.

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