April 22, 2024


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Tips For Staying Healthy & Alert For Gamers


Gaming is big business these days. Gone are the days of overweight gamers glued to their screens and unable to squeeze out of their chairs. With the advent of eSports, Streamers, and eGirls, being a gamer is no longer the realm of ‘geeks’.

The average pro gamer can practice for over 50 hours per week means that their body is forced to undergo lots of repetitive activity which could cause stress, pain, or even injury. Unlike the passive nature of TV or films, video games are active and engaging requiring constant attention, on-the-go tactical thinking, and regular memory recall.

With a huge amount of prize money at stake, the thought of injury or low rankings is serious business. As such, gamer health is a growing area of importance. Teams such as Fnatic and Team Vitality have invested greatly in player fitness to ensure that their teams are both mentally and physically fit.

Casual gamers are able to take advantage of these advancements to ensure they can up their game both mentally and physically. Here’s exactly what to do…

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Increase Your Energy

During a lengthy gaming session, energy levels can be erratic affecting both your strength and focus. Kosmic Dust may be just the energy boost you need as this gamer-focused supplement enhances your drink with vitamins, minerals, and a splash of magic to help you retain your focus and your you a nitro boost of energy just when you need it.

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Workouts For Your Wrists – Use Smart Assistants

It will come as no surprise that hands are a gamer’s most important appendage. Repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome can put a stop to your gaming sessions very easily. Add reminders to regularly exercise your wrists. By making circles with your wrists, flexing your fingers and thumbs, and stretching your wrists regularly, you reduce the chance of long-term injury.


Sit Up Straight – Sort Out Your Set-Up

A good posture is one of the hardest things to maintain as a gamer. We have all found ourselves slumped over, sat awkwardly, or laid back whilst gaming. Slouching can cause strain on other muscles giving you problems further down the line. Gaming chairs are hugely popular right now and offer gamers the correct lumbar support and encourage a good gaming posture.


Get Some Sleep – Set Your Shut Down Time

Don’t listen to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s advice on sleeping. He may be able to survive on four hours of sleep, but the average human can not. Late nights are common amongst gamers and are fine in moderation, but over time, poor sleep habits will affect every part of your game. Try to stop gaming for an hour before sleeping and keep a regular rhythm to ensure you are firing on all cylinders. There are also supplements aimed at improving sleep. By setting a regular ‘shut-down’ time, you’ll be forced to stick to a standard schedule.

Eating and Drinking Are Not Optional

Redbull, Monster, and strong coffee will never beat six large glasses of water per day. Such a 5% drop in hydration can lower energy levels, reduce concentration and increase irritability. It might be the most boring drink in the world, but it is the most important.
Similarly, takeout pizzas and megapacks of Doritos are not a balanced diet. If weight loss is a priority then protein shakes and vitamins can help but the key is to put in what your work out. If the average man burns 2000 calories a day, then anything above that will stick around on your waistline. The square meals a day is a simple rule of thumb and gets your body into a simple rhythm of digestion and energy release.

Finally, it’s worth noting that both regular exercise and unplugging once in a while is hugely important for your physical and mental well-being. Without sounding too much like a parent, there are more ways to spend time with your friends than locked in battle in Fortnite.


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