June 17, 2024


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Swordship – Beta Demo | Alpha Beta Gamer


Swordship is a very cool aquatic dodge ‘em up where you use a futuristic powerboat to collect cargo and dodge enemy fire in a burnt and flooded post-apocalyptic world.

In the futuristic world of Swordship global warming has ravaged the planet and left humanity sheltering in three vast underwater mega-cities. Those who are expelled from the cities have to live in a land where nothing will grow, so they survive by hijacking containers that are being transported between the cities. You are one such hijacker, who pilots a very fast and manoeuvrable boat and uses it to steal those containers.

Obviously owners of those containers aren’t too happy about having their goods stolen so you’ll have to deal with a lot of security. You don’t have weapons, but you can submerge yourself underwater for short periods of time and if you manoeuvre yourself correctly you can get your enemies to shoot each other. Between rounds you can also use the containers you’ve stolen to purchase upgrades.

It’s an addictive game with fast-paced arcade gameplay, tons of style and a real sense of speed. It’s quite a novel experience not having any weapons to blast enemies with and getting them to shoot each other is very satisfying.

Download The Swordship Beta Demo Here (Steam)


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