April 22, 2024


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Sims 4 patch finally fixes the broken wedding pack


The wedding fix for The Sims 4 is finally here. The recent My Wedding Stories game pack has, indeed, given players plenty of wedding stories, but most of them are about broken features, poor fashion choices, or officiants refusing to actually officiate. The promised patch to fix those issues is live, and based on early player reports, it seems the update has been quite effective.

You can read the full patch notes at the official site, but there are some doozies in here. “Partners will show up for wedding events now,” which seems pretty essential. “Sims with a larger backside will no longer experience their derriere to clip through ymTop_GP11Casual,” too, and while I don’t know what outfit that is offhand, I am glad it can now sustain the booty.

“Sims who bend to their spouse when performing a ‘spousal kiss’ will no longer rub their ear into the other sim’s face, but will use their lips to kiss their spouse instead” is probably my favourite patch note here, but more basic fixes – like those that allow weddings to complete as intended – are certainly more relevant to those who’ve spent the past few weeks frustrated by My Wedding Stories.

Fansites and Sims YouTubers have already been putting the patch through its paces, and the early word is looking good. It’s not perfect, but now the pack functions more or less as intended.

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However, the devs note that there’s no fix for error code 0 here. Investigations into that issue are still ongoing.

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