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Reaper 2 Bambietta Voll Update Patch Notes


Reaper 2 Bambietta Voll Update Patch Notes Featured Image

Roblox Reaper 2 has released a new update on March 27th, 2022! This release brings the new Quincy Vollstanding and Schrift Bambietta to the game, along with a new move for Quincy. There’s some new 3D clothing for Quincies that you can reroll. You can find all of the details on the update in the patch notes below.

Some new freebies were added to the game, which you can find on our Reaper 2 Codes page!

Bambietta Voll Update Patch Notes

  • RARE Quincy Vollstanding/Schrift: Bombe (Bambietta) that uses your Reiatsu color
  • Quincy Move, “Sprenger”, a 20 hit saber move that stuns in place
  • New 3D Clothing for Quincies they can now reroll into. Buff from the stylish clothing will now apply to all clothing you have on.
  • Sped Up Double Jab windup from 50% of normal speed to 70%.
  • Changed Sprenger cooldown from 1 second to 34.
  • Changed Sprenger damage from 6 to 1.
  • Buffed Blut Vein’s drain per second to 4-5 per 2 seconds.


  • Fixed Some quincies still have a zanpakuto as their main weapon; they needed to be hard coded and can no longer use reroll zanpakuto codes.
  • Added 5 second cooldown to mobile lock-on (in attempts to patch/lower uses of certain glitches).
  • Removed Block breaker from BURN effect.
  • Added/Increased Menos respawn time from (3.5+5) seconds to 10 minutes.
  • HOPEFULLY fixed ranked bug where players can die and respawn multiple times.
  • Fixed Quincy Grandfather quest returning you early.
  • Fixed Adjucha NPCs causing major FPS drops and lag.
  • Hopefully fixed resurrecion animations/bugging.


  • Fixed Primero swords don’t work on mobile.
  • Fixed EXP indicator bar not turning red if Menos.
  • Fixed Certain skill cooldowns showing up on hotbar and not the classic cooldown ui positioning.
  • Added Scroll Bar To Aid Mobile and Laptop menu.
  • Reduced ALL reiatsu consumption on Fire Bankai skills.
  • Changed “Transform Into …” skill (used to transform into a menos, adjucha, and/or vasto lorde) cooldowns from 1 hour to 15 minutes.
  • Buffed Ice Bankai’s (X Move) Damage By 50%.
  • Fixed Some Instances Of Not Loading In.
  • Fixed being able to be flung out of the Anime Mania Wave Defense quest located in S.S..

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