April 25, 2024


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Netflix Mobile Games adds three new original titles to its roster

Netflix’s Mobile Games service launched globally recently, allowing everyone with a Netflix subscription to access a pre-existing catalogue of various titles. Up until this point, none of the games available were original titles, but that is set to change with the announcement of three brand new fully original games set to release this month.

First up, one called This Is A True Story. This Is A True Story is a narrative-driven puzzler made in collaboration with a non-profit group that exists to bring awareness about the struggles with water supply for families in the sub-Saharan region. Of course, this means the story revolves around a family and a difficult adventure to keep them hydrated. With a lovely hand-drawn art style and a captivating story that’s sure to affect you, This Is A True Story is available for download through Netflix’s Mobile Games.

Next on the list is Shatter Remastered. This one is a bit more simple as it is a remaster of a PS3 part shoot-em-up part brick breaker called, of course, Shatter. Featuring a handful of fully-fledged boss battles, a large number of unique levels, a physics engine that exists to be dissected and practised, and some striking visuals, this is a fun romp if you’re a fan of shmups games. Shatter Remastered is also currently available for download as well.

And last, possibly the most anticipated of the three is Into The Dead 2: Unleashed. If you haven’t heard of it, Into The Dead is a very popular and classic mobile game that sees the player running through hordes of the undead, slicing, shooting, and chopping as they go. The sequel takes the original’s formula of various stages and weapons and amps it up tenfold, introducing some beautiful visuals alongside a new arsenal and a ton of new stages with some very unique settings. There’s no release date for Into The Dead 2 just yet, but with the end of the month on the horizon, it should be dropping any moment now.

With these three original games on the platform, Netflix’s Mobile Games is looking to become a strong contender with the likes of Apple Arcade or similar subscription services. If they can keep up the pace with original titles and some of the big triple-A names out there, it might just be able to achieve that goal. If this is your first time hearing about Netflix’s Mobile Games service, we’ve got a primer that can help you figure out exactly how to access it and what it all involves.

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