July 20, 2024


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Playing Bakugan With the Trap, Battle Gear, and Mobile Assault

Playing Bakugan With the Trap, Battle Gear, and Mobile Assault

When season 2 of the Bakugan series came out, we were introduced to the Bakugan Trap, which serves as a support for the Core Bakugan in battle. The Traps were hugely welcomed by Bakugan fans. So when season 3 of the series came arouns, the creators introduced a new line of weaponry to further help with the battles. The Bakugan Battle Gears came to light and the fans loved it, too. Then the creators further surprised them with the Bakugan Mobile Assault.

These three became highlights of the Bakugan series, and they were not only shown in action in the animated series. They were also brought into the Bakugan game, where we can use them to help us in our battles in the Bakugan arena.

In the game, we can only use a total of two supporting Bakugan. So we can either have two Bakugan Traps, two Battle Gears, two Mobile Assaults, or a mixture of one and the other totaling to two. Take note that we can use both the supports on a standing Bakugan in battle. We just have to put them in one at a time and in proper turns with our opponent.

When using the Bakugan Trap in battle, make sure it is of the same Attribute as the Bakugan you are playing in the current battle. The Trap will reveal more Attribute symbols when it is opened on the Gate card. You will then be able to change the Attribute of your Bakugan into one of the Attributes shown on the Trap.

In using the Bakugan Battle Gear, there are two ways to put it into play. You can either put it on the back of the Bakugan or you can put it on the Gate card beside your Bakugan. Add the G-Power of the battle gear to your Bakugan’s G-Power. Then refer to the Battle Gear Reference Card for the list of Attributes and Abilities for the battle gear. If the battle gear matches one of the Attributes, then you can play the Ability listed on the card. If it matches the color of the Gate card then choose any ability listed on the Reference Card.

If you choose to use the Bakugan Mobile Assault, make sure that is also has the same Attribute as the Bakugan you are using in the battle. Place the Bakugan on the Mobile Assault and just roll them onto the Gate card on the playing field. When the Gate card is flipped over, take a look at the type of Gate card it is (Gold, Silver, or Copper) and see if it among those listed on the Mobile Assault Reference Card. There are usually two listed on the Reference Card. If the type of Gate card does not match any of those listed on the Reference Card, then the Mobile Assault will be considered destroyed and removed from the game. The Bakugan will be left on the Gate card to battle it out on his own when this happens.

Just remember that strategy is still the key to winning a Bakugan battle. You don’t have to keep on using support like the Traps and the Battle Gears (although they do give more G-Power). If your opponents have high G-Powers then you should use some support from the Bakugan Trap, Battle Gear, and/or Mobile Assault. But strategy will always be a big part of victory in the Bakugan games.