July 20, 2024


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A Fun Baby Shower Game That Everyone Will Enjoy

A Fun Baby Shower Game That Everyone Will Enjoy

Some of the most memorable moments of a baby shower for the guests are the fun baby shower games that are played. Many a hostess could tell you that the same games get used at almost every baby shower. So, finding a unique and fun baby shower game becomes important if you want to make your party different.

Here is a hilarious, original and easy game to play for your party – it is called “How Prego Can You GO!!

It goes like this: Before the shower, buy about 200 medium-sized balloons. Then, either borrow or buy 4-5 XXL shirts and 4-5 pairs of XXL pants (you will need one shirt and 1 pant for each team, so if you only have 2 or 3 teams just buy 2 or 3 pairs of clothing).

How to Play: During the baby shower, divide the guests into teams of 4 or 5 people. Have each team choose one team member who is going to be “pregnant”. Then give each team one large shirt and one pair of large pants, and about 50 balloons. When you say “Go!” the “pregnant” team member of each team will put the shirt and pants on as quick as they can, while their teammates start to blow up the balloons. When the “pregnant” one is “dressed”, teammates will begin stuffing the inflated balloons as fast as they can into the shirt and pants of the “pregnant” one. After 3 minutes, everyone must stop stuffing balloons. The winning team is the one that has the MOST “pregnant” team-member (the one with the most stuffed inflated balloons). Don’t pull the balloons out to count, though! The fun has just started! The best (and most hilarious) way to count the balloons is to get a long pin or needle and pop the balloons, one by one while everyone is watching. This can be such a riot! You can pop all the balloons in the pants first and then have a very “pregnant” and/or well developed mommy! This game gets everyone involved and laughing.

(One warning about this game: Make sure the one who is chosen to be “pregnant” on each team should have their skin covered (e.g. no bare midriffs, low cut necklines, etc). Otherwise, it might sting their bare skin each time a balloon is popped. And be careful to not poke the “pregnant” team member with the pin.)

This is a very fun baby shower game that will be a definite highlight of the party and a memorable event for everyone.