June 15, 2024


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Nobody Saves The World Beginner’s Guide: Tips And Tricks


Nobody Saves The World is a very impressive indie RPG that has become increasingly popular since its release. If you are new to the genre then things can get a bit overwhelming. In this Nobody Saves The World guide, we are going to go over some tips and tricks that should help you get started.

Nobody Saves The World Tips And Tricks

The following are some useful tips and tricks that should make playing Nobody Saves The World much easier:

Changing Forms Is The Name Of The Game

When you start playing the game you will only have access to a single form but that is going to change as you progress further. Changing forms will allow you to experience what the game has to offer.

It is also going to help you earn Stars to unlock the main dungeons. It is worth trying forms that you do not like. Different forms have different skills that you can use. So play around with them as much as possible.

Buy Infinite Quests From The Vendor

As you progress the game, you will come by a vendor that sells all sorts of stuff. We recommend buying Infinite Quests. It is pretty self-explanatory but it allows you to do quests infinitely.

Nobody Saves the World Tips

These quests will give you 75-100 XP and you will be doing things that you will need to do anyways. So Infinite Quests is worth getting.

Exploration Can Be Very Rewarding

Nobody Saves The World is a pretty big game and it rewards you for exploring. You can find all kinds of things such as treasure chests and mana boots if you go off the main path. We do recommend doing so in order to make the most of the game and find collectibles that you might miss otherwise.

Invest In Stat Increases

You can buy stat increases from vendors that you encounter. There are 2 each for attack, defense, magical attack, and magical defense. These upgrades are not very expensive and are worth getting and that is why this is one of our tips.

While there are passive boosts that you can get, these stat increases are permanent and will help you down the line.

Prioritize Breaking Wards

Nobody Saves the World Tips

Warded enemies are tough to beat especially if you face a pack of them. Breaking all the wards is essential when that happens. You can use your attacks to target more than one enemy at a time. So break wards first before engaging enemies.

Breakables In Front Of Boss Rooms Give Food

The breakables in front of the boss room, next to the teleporter that transports you to the dungeon contain food. If you are low on health then break these in order to recover.

Do Not Buy Stars From Vendors

Since stars allow you to unlock dungeons in the game, you might be tempted to buy them from Vendors. That would be a waste of resources as you are going to earn them by leveling your form and completing quests. Buy Stat Increase or Infinite Quests.

Redeem Your Quest

Nobody Saves the World Tips

This one is easy to forget. Be sure to redeem the quests that you complete. Make it a habit and redeem your quest as soon as it is completed.

These are the tips and tricks that you should keep in mind when playing Nobody Saves the World. Use these insights to make the most of the game and remember to have fun!


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