April 13, 2024


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Netflix launches two new mobile games

Netflix announced on Tuesday that it is launching two new video games for iOS and Android that users can play through the service’s app.

Why it matters: The new releases continue the streaming giant’s push into games as a way to diversify its offerings while user growth slows.

What’s happening: In a blog post, Netflix said two games will be available Tuesday, and another one is coming soon.

This Is A True Story puts players in the shoes of a sub-Saharan African woman on a journey to collect water for her family.

  • Netflix says studio Frosty Pop created the game in collaboration with the nonprofit Charity: water.
  • “Charity: water’s team throughout the last several years traveled to Sub-Saharan Africa countries to interview several women whose stories make up the experiences laid out in the game,” Netflix said in its blog post.

The other game released Tuesday is an updated version of a well-received game from the late 2000s: Shatter Remastered.

  • Shatter, originally for the PlayStation 3, was a frenetic and challenging block-breaking game. The remaster, developed by Pik Pok, will add unique levels and global leaderboards.

Between the lines: Games have become a notable focus for Netflix as its growth begins to slow and competition from other streamers intensifies.

What’s next: Netflix also said in its blog post that a “runner/shooter hybrid” game, Into the Dead 2: Unleashed, will be coming soon.

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