June 22, 2024


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Netflix acquires mobile game developer Boss Fight Entertainment

Coming off of Netflix’s unexpected push into the mobile space late last year, the subscription service juggernaut hasn’t given up on video games. After launching a mobile app in November, the company still has a library of under 20 titles. This doesn’t mean that gaming isn’t a priority, as evidenced by its most recent acquisition.

Boss Fight Entertainment is now a part of the Netflix Games umbrella. For those unfamiliar with the name, Dungeon Boss is the only major title from the studio since its formation in 2013. While it is the team’s only title, it has been generally well-received, fitting the mobile market with its turn-based gameplay and focus on building out teams of heroes.

According to Boss Fight Entertainment’s three founders, Netflix Games’ business model allows them to focus more intently on game design. They said, “Netflix’s commitment to offer ad-free games as part of members’ subscriptions enables game developers like us to focus on creating delightful game play without worrying about monetization.”

At the end of the post announcing the acquisition, Netflix Games vice president Amir Rahimi admitted that building out a portfolio of games is going to take time. According to Rahimi, it’s still “early days” as Netflix Games continues to scope out potential partnerships.