Let Wikipedia articles battle it out in the arena and predict the winner!

“I’m having a great time!” (Northernlion)
“Brilliant little game!” (Olexa)
“Very cute!” (Esty8nine)
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Each round pits two random Wikipedia articles against each other by their title, an intro section excerpt and an image (if available).

Your task: Guess which article is longer or gets more views. Oh, and you have to pick the category as well based on what you think is the safer bet.


  • Arena: The “roguelike” mode. Try to reach 10 correct predictions before being wrong 3 times!
  • Endless: How many predictions can you get right before being wrong 3 times?
  • Daily Arena: An arena run that’s the same for all players each day. Do you think you can read the internet’s collective mind better than your friends? Start the daily run from the settings menu!


  • ♾️ Literally infinite content: Wikipedia grows every day and with it the archive the game’s article randomizer can pick from. You’ll never play the same run twice!
  • πŸ“ˆ Statistics: Get a neat one-screen overview of your current run anytime!
  • πŸ“Š Meta statistics: The game records how many 10-win runs you had, your highest endless score ever, and all your recent results.
  • 🐦 Battle tweets: Generate a sharable tweet visualizing the battle’s result after every duel via a single click!
  • 🌐 Play anywhere: Play the game right in your browser (even on mobile) or download the client. Note that the game requires an internet connection to retrieve the Wikipedia data.
  • πŸ’¬ Multi-language support: English and German so far. If you’d like to help with more languages (any supported by Wikipedia basically), get in touch!


Fabian Fischer created the game to start exploring the “trivia roguelike” genre. Games such as Wordle or Babble Royale show how much the “free depth” of language itself can be used for game design purposes. WikiArena applies a similar approach, using the “internet’s meta” as its core language.


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