April 13, 2024


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Guardian Games 2022 Best in Class quest – Destiny 2

A walkthrough and detailed breakdown of the Guardian Games 2022 quest in Destiny 2.

Guardian Games 2022 has kicked off and players now have the new Best in Class quest to complete. It’s a short introduction to get players started with this year’s event, so let’s dive in and see what’s happening.

Guardian Games 2022 Best in Class quest

The Guardian Games 2022 quest is intended to introduce players to the event. It’s a short tutorial that will serve to inform you of how things work through the duration of the event. Below is a walkthrough of the Best in Class quest itself so that you can get started on being a productive representative of your chosen class.

Step 1: Contender Card purchased

Guardian Games Quest Step 1

Purchase a Contender Card from Eva Levante. These are found at the top of her inventory screen and reflect the various activities you can participate in while playing Destiny 2. You can only purchase one of the first five Contender Cards as Eva Levante only gave you 100 Laurels to work with. Whatever you choose, you’ll need to hop into that activity.

  • Vanguard Playlists
  • Crucible
  • Gambit
  • Seasonal Content
  • Throne World

Step 2: Medallions and Laurels earned

Guardian Games Quest Step 2

Hop into the activity that matches the Contender Card you purchased from Eva Levante. Make sure you’re wearing the Class Item that you picked up from her, as you must have this on to earn Laurels in Destiny 2. Once you’re set, go about completing the random objectives given depending on the Contender Card you have.

Step 3: Speak with Eva Levante

Guardian Games Quest Step 3

Head back to the Tower and speak with Eva Levante. She will give you the Medallion Case that you’ll keep in your quest log until the end date of Guardian Games 2022.

Step 4: Medallion deposited

Guardian Games Quest Step 4

Head up the podium in the Tower and deposit the Medallion you earned completing the Contender Card in the second step of the Best in Class quest.

Step 5: Speak with Eva Levante

Guardian Games Quest Step 5

Head back to the base of the podium to speak with Eva Levante once again. She’s going to direct you to speak with Commander Zavala.

Step 6: Speak with Commander Zavala

Guardian Games Quest Step 6

Head over to speak with Zavala, who will give you the next step of your quest.

Step 7: Vanguard Medal & Recreational playlist

Guardian Games Quest Step 7

If you bring up your Director for the Tower, you’ll see the Recreational playlist. Make sure your Class Item from Eva Levante is still equipped, then head in. You will need to complete feats in combat and finish the activity. If you’re not sure what Vanguard Medals are up for grabs, check your Triumphs, Season of the Risen, Guardian Games, and Vanguard Medals. There’s a lot, and you’re likely to complete multiple just by playing in the Recreational playlist.

Step 8: Speak with Commander Zavala

Guardian Games Quest Step 8

Head back to the Tower and speak with Zavala again. He will now give you access to the Training playlist, which is also found by bringing up the Director within the Tower. This is a 1550 Power playlist, whereas the Recreational playlist is 1350. It’s harder, but it allows you to earn higher scores.

Step 9: Speak with Eva Levante

Guardian Games Quest Step 9

The final step is to check in with Eva Levante one more time. Once you do this she’ll give you The Title, a Legendary Void Submachine Gun for your Energy slot.

Now that you’ve completed the Best in Class quest for the Guardian Games 2022, you can check out the rest of our Destiny 2 strategy guide for help with every other aspect of the game.


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