May 23, 2024


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Endeavor Walkthrough

Ever since little dwarfs father passed away he has been very much interested into finding the family treasure, but truth be told it’s not going to be easy, after all our little dwarf is so small and his quest he is about to take on is an extremely long journey, he will need energy and endurance to complete it.

Get ready casual games because yet another retro arcade platform game has been released, and I might add a very fun one indeed. Endeavor is a simple pixel adventure game about a dwarf who must search for gems and other interesting collectibles to help him along on his quest.

The game little dwarf has such simple graphics with interactive characters you can talk to along the way. Try to locate characters who need help along the way, if you take time to help you they will give you items for you to use on your quest, keep looking for those gems!

Some of the items are a little difficult to find, some people tend to have trouble finding items like the parachute, lightning attack and the tiger, if you are having trouble locating gems or other collectibles you can refer to the endeavor walkthrough for additional tips and solutions.

According to the developer the game was created in roughly a month, very impressive considering how nice everything ran for me the first time, some users did complain about a bug/lag issue during the flower part of the game, it turns out it was just a save point, this bug has been fixed so everything should be working fine as of now.

Overall the game is a well made platform game suitable and enjoyable for all ages. If you enjoy adventure games such as Mario and other puzzle games with a bit of a challenge/twist you will definitely enjoy endeavor, anyways hope you find the review helpful, feel free to check it out sometime on your free time.