May 19, 2024


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Bible Verse Balloon Volleyball – A Fun Bible Memory Verse Activity

To be honest, volleyball has never been one of my favorite sports. The ball always hurt my hand when it can time to volley it. However, balloon volleyball is a different story. I could play it for hours, especially when I combine it with God’s Word. Why not try this fun game with your kids the next time you want them to memorize one of God’s amazing Scriptures?

Here’s what you do:

Divide your class into 2 teams. Choose a memory verse that you want your kids to learn. This game will work best with a verse that is around 10 words including the reference. Now create a “volleyball court”. You can do this in a large indoor area and simply place down a dividing line of tape on the floor. If you have a net you could put up, that’s good, but it’s not necessary.

One side starts the serve with a balloon. (Have a few ready, just in case of a pop). The side that starts says the first word of the memory verse as they are serving. If the other team can hit it back, they say the second word to the verse. This continues until one team fails to hit the ball back. It will be important for the teacher to keep track of what word the verse stopped on. The team that did not falter will start the serve and begin with the last word that was said. Once the verse is completely recited, the team who hit the balloon over on the last word of the verse, gets one point. The team who reaches 10 points first wins.

To make the game easier, the teacher can help the kids when they forget what word comes next. To make the game harder, if a child forgets the next word, they have to sit one of their players out until the next serve occurs. Have fun!