June 17, 2024


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Castle of Secrets on Steam


About This Recreation

The curse of the historical Trantons family forces youthful Miss Susan depart for a fatal journey, wherever she is about to face quite a few inhabitants of the earth of the useless, locate both of those mates and enemies, and get responses to the most significant concerns on who is the accurate killer of her total family.

A person working day, a daughter was born to loving mother and father in the old spouse and children castle of Trantons. The lady was named Susan.
Her father, Mr. Grinn, was an extraordinarily charming and charismatic person beloved madly by his wife and daughter. However, Mr. Grinn died in mysterious situation.
Susan’s mom, overlook Agatha, was grieving over her husband’s dying. She could not bear the bitterness of loss, as if a shadow wandered by the castle.
Those people shut to Agatha could not bear to look at the psychological anguish of their daughter and made the decision to marry her off to a deserving human being. This turned out to be Mr. Austin, a rich guy of significant existence of mind.
Life appeared to be having better, the stepfather turned the head of the household, getting the widowed Agatha and minor Susan beneath his management
The balance in the loved ones was shorter-lived, although.
It was as if a black cat ran like some misfortune, sowing evil and curses…

Castle of Insider secrets is a storyline-based mostly psychological adventure horror sport.
Get rid of on your own in a completely voiced 3D mystical tale.
Astounding and unique art – 3D globe featuring hand-drawn 2D figures and animations.
A wide range of puzzles with diverse issues ranges of inscribed in the storyline.
About 30 interactive distinctive figures each individual owning their individual unique character.
Unique soundtrack.
Plot twists rely on player’s conclusions
Items that you come across can be moved in 3D area in any route.
The digital camera can be moved in any route.
The activity attributes a entire stock with a temporary merchandise description.
Accumulate and mix items to finish quests


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