February 22, 2024


Feel everything

Black Desert Mobile now lets you turn into a smoke cloud and flee from PvP fights


Sometimes you want to be left alone or want to flee from a PvP fight in Black Desert Mobile, but you picked a class that doesn’t have any particularly good disengage moves. As your final HP is hacked away by xXPhat_Dart_420Xx, you wail to the sky, “I wish I could turn into a high speed cloud and run away!” That plea has been heard and applied in the game’s latest update. No, really.

The skill in question is called the Black Spirit Emergency Escape, and it’s available to every character, allowing players to turn into a fast-moving cloud of black smoke in order to get away from an unwanted or unwinnable PvP engagement and possibly make deflating balloon sounds as they do so. This skill can’t be abused, however, as it has a 400-second cooldown and causes the character to be dazed once it wears off, but it also makes the character invincible for the duration. Here’s hoping players stage black cloud races.

On the subject of PvP, rewards have been adjusted for participating in Black Sun to better reflect players’ individual contributions; specifically, players will not get rewards if they don’t inflict damage on Laytenn for 30 seconds.

Other features in this update include some further class tuning with special attention paid to the Gladiator and Sage, changes to certain bounty mission requirements, and a host of new events. It’s all detailed in the patch notes or summarized in video form below.



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