May 19, 2024


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5 best PC games under 100 MB in 2020

Acquiring Computer system games that do not get a whole lot of space on your Personal computer can be a bit of a trouble. Due to the fact the measurement of new online games can acquire up as considerably as 50 GB on your Computer, you may be less than the perception that there are no excellent game titles which you can perform less than 100 MB.

Nonetheless, this is not solely accurate. Though it’s real that new Computer online games beneath 100 MB aren’t conveniently out there, there are lots of old relaxed game titles that you can try out out. These game titles may possibly be old, but they have uncomplicated controls and easy gameplay.

5 best Computer online games beneath 100 MB

Listed here are the major five Personal computer game titles that you can delight in if you do not have plenty of storage place on your laptop:


OpenTTD. Image: GM8 Servers.
OpenTTD. Graphic: GM8 Servers.

Motivated by the sport Transport Tycoon Deluxe, Open TTD is a business enterprise simulation match with uncomplicated controls. The gameplay is all about earning money by transporting travellers and cargo from one location to a different.

You can supply cargo and travellers via water, air, highway, and rail. You can engage in in both one-participant and multiplayer manner. Make confident that you create the most productive transportation technique to make your company a flourishing a single.

Dimension: 10 MB

Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress. Image: Pinterest.
Dwarf Fortress. Graphic: Pinterest.

This is a management and development simulation indie video game where you have to build fortresses with the assistance of dwarves. You will also have to defend your fortress from the attack of goblins.

There are 3 video game modes, namely: Dwarf Fortress manner, Adventurer method and Legends manner. You will have to establish a fortress and control a colony in the 1st mode. In the 2nd mode, you start out as an adventurer and execute quests on your way, and in the 3rd manner, you can interact with the record of the globe that you stay in.

Sizing: 20 MB


Freeciv. Image: Pinterest.
Freeciv. Image: Pinterest.

If you can not make place on your Laptop for Sid Meier’s Civilization collection, you can select this game in its place. It will give you significant Civilization sequence vibes as it is a convert-dependent multiplayer strategy match. In Freeciv, you will have to compete with other folks to build your dominance and make your civilization the most effective.

Beginning from 4000 BC, you will have to construct your civilization, move by step. You can get factors based mostly on the society, prosperity and technological development of your civilization.

Dimensions: 30 MB

Mortal Kombat 4

Mortal Kombat 4. Image: MobyGames.
Mortal Kombat 4. Picture: MobyGames.

This is the fourth installment of the well-liked Mortal Kombat collection and the first a single to introduce 3D computer system graphics in the series. Mortal Kombat 4 is a combating activity the place you want to use a set button mix to get outfitted with a certain weapon.

You can swing and toss the weapon to defeat your enemy. You can also drop your weapon, and select up a different one from the floor. The weapons on the ground are commonly the kinds discarded by your enemy.

Sizing: 25 MB

Highway Rash

Road Rash. Image: Pinterest.
Highway Rash. Graphic: Pinterest.

If you are tired of taking part in vehicle racing video games, you can attempt out this video game which is all about motorbike racing. The mechanics of this match is straightforward, and all you require to do is keep the motorbike in a straight route and convert still left and correct each time essential.

The health and fitness of every player is mirrored in the stamina bar. Make absolutely sure that you keep a higher common speed as you will be chased by cops. Road Rash is memorable for its catchy soundtrack and clean motorcycle updates.

Measurement: 27.1 MB