December 1, 2022


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2,000 titles officially hit for Steam Deck as Verified or Playable


An impressive milestone has been hit just over a month after the release of the Steam Deck, with now over 2,000 titles being noted as Verified or Playable by Valve.

We know there’s problems though, with some games being Verified or Playable where they shouldn’t be, which is part of why Valve has a new feedback system in place. Overall though, it seems like a small minority of titles, the vast majority are being labelled correctly so it’s still a good number to go by for players and potential buyers of the Steam Deck.

Going by SteamDB the latest numbers are:

  • 1053 – Verified
  • 986 – Playable
  • 1036 – Unsupported

Some of the latest to be Verified or Playable include:

  • A Short Hike – Verified
  • Fort Triumph – Verified
  • Killing Floor – Playable
  • Narita Boy – Verified
  • Rising Hell – Verified
  • The Outer Worlds – Playable

Don’t let the “Unsupported” tag for games be the decider on what you try either, plenty of them are false-negatives like Fallout 76 which works pretty nicely:

Also, check out a recent quick performance look at Metro Exodus:

As a bonus, I had some extra quick thoughts to share:

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