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Word Cookies is a popular word game available on iOS and Android devices. The goal is to find words within the scrambled letters given. The game features leveled play, but there is also a daily puzzle released each day. Word Cookies shows you how many words are possible and how long they are, so you can easily find the answers to Word Cookies March 5th, 2022 puzzle.

Word Cookies Daily Puzzle Answers for March 5th, 2022

There are four words that are scrambled and must be solved before you can get the final, fifth word that is a mix of letters found in the previous four words. Here are the answers to the March 5th, 2022 Word Cookies daily puzzle:

7 Letter Answers for Word Cookies Daily Puzzle

6 Letter Answers for Word Cookies Daily Puzzle

5 Letter Answers for Word Cookies Daily Puzzle


4 Letter Answers for Word Cookies Daily Puzzle

  • EVER
  • EVES
  • RISE
  • SEER
  • SIRE
  • VEER
  • VIES

That wraps up the answers for today’s Word Cookies Daily Puzzle! We hope that our lists of answers have helped you solve the day’s puzzle in time.

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