May 20, 2024


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What SST Bowling Shoes Are All About

SST bowling shoes are for the more serious and dedicated bowlers. Their price ensures that people who intend to use them on a regular basis will only buy them. However, once they have been purchased, the customer can be sure that they have a well designed and well made pair of shoes. It seems strange that in a competitive sport it should be considered acceptable to wear something that can give you an advantage over the competition.

There can be the arguments that anyone can buy them so it is their choice if they do or not. A lot more care goes into the production of these shoes and they are designed with certain types of bowlers in mind. The Dexter SST 7 has removal sole and heels, meaning that the manufacturer expects the shoe to be long lasting. Furthermore, rather than replace the whole shoe, it is possible to just remove the part that has worn away.

There are even shoes designed for bowlers who use a particular hand. They are just for right handed bowlers. It may seem strange to think that the hand used to bowl would make a difference to the way the shoe was designed. There is the option to rent or buy SST bowling shoes, and if you decide to buy, there are plenty to choose from. They include:

SST4 – these have an interchangeable sole, meaning that you will always be able to slide when you are about to bowl. Depending on how the alley feels you can decide which one will be most suitable.

SST5 – a step up from the SST4, these have a Goodyear PowerPivot Push-Off Sole with Duratip traction toe.

SST 7 – these are just suitable for left handed bowlers.

SST8 – with total interchangeable sole construction, these can also be used by left or right handed bowlers.

As can be seen from the above, each series has its own special features and the next one up is of a higher value than the one before. The SST8 bowling shoe is the best that is available at the moment and it is hard to see what Dexter’s can do to improve them. Added to the fact that left or right handed can use them, it is possible to replace the traction pads if you feel they are beginning to wear down and your performance is being affected.

As SST bowling shoe can be expensive, it is important that there are ways to save money. Knowing that there is no need to buy a new pair of shoes every time you start to wear them out may encourage serious bowlers to invest in a more expensive pair in the beginning.

Balance and fit are important and the higher up the range you go with sst bowling shoes the better they will be. Having a shoe cannot make a good bowler out of someone with no talent or no inclination to practice, but can help out a good player and not get him or her into trouble for breaking the rules.