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Weekday Escape N°360 – Walkthrough Guides, Reviews, Discussion, Hints and Tips at Jay is games

Weekday Escape N°360 – Walkthrough Guides, Reviews, Discussion, Hints and Tips at Jay is games

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Hello! Weekday Escape and Weekday Puzzle are here!

In their most up-to-date escape Amajeto went back again to their outdated idea of a single-scene games but with superior graphics and puzzles. With Cabeza/Primera you return to Okinawa and consider to escape a lodge once again – yet another just one, of training course. From Isotronic we acquired strong common escape.

Jani Nykänen turned the plan of most platformers upside down – you aren’t avoiding road blocks, you are wanting ahead to them. The past is Sokoban-like puzzler by shartok and it is really a nice one particular!

Have a excellent time and love!


A new Amajeto arrived and it really is yet again very small – one scene sport only. Under no circumstances head. It really is clever, attractive, gamers helpful and undoubtedly not dull. And you can participate in with coloured pencils for a whilst.
The cursor is just not changing, conserve choice, one particular ending.

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It can be been 4 months considering the fact that you escaped from Okinawa, and now you are going back. Cabeza/Primera ready a different apartment and lock you in it – it’s a bit scaled-down and has significantly less puzzles to solve, but you can make oneself a cup of jasmine tea!
The cursor is altering, no save alternative, 1 ending.

vintage.pngThere is not substantially you can do in Isotronic‘s locked room the place you find you but search around and discover. With every found and positioned merchandise a little something improvements – a drawer on the other side of the area unlocks or an item becomes lively. You have to evaluate the room continuously but the sport is nonetheless sleek.

The cursor is modifying, no conserve choice, 1 ending.

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You are acquiring the same desire once more…the aspiration the place everybody will have to die. Not definitely! Absolutely everyone in the video game need to die. Jani Nykänen received fed with consistently dodging spikes and lava in each and every other game and created the opposite just one. You really don’t have to stay away from spikes and fireplace any longer, you have to have to guide your synchronically moving figures to them…and enable them die, all of them.
Controlled by WASD/Arrow keys, R to restart a amount,autosave, 25 concentrations.

laser1.pngThe endeavor in shartok‘s puzzler is easy to understand and very simple, but the he applications you have been supplied usually are not so simple. You have to paint the entire flooring and to push the box(es) with paint, you use rolling laser. The laser is switched on and can destroy the containers…you will need to determine out how to use it properly. Managed by WASD/Arrow keys or your mouse.

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