April 23, 2024


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VideoChums Rune Factory 5: Later-Game Tips


A.J. Maciejewski (crazyaejay): Faint resistance for the win! Glad to know that’s what I was missing. Now I feel invincible.

L’Nai Cade (l_nai_cade): Weird. I don’t have ‘faint’ resistance. I have ‘knock’ resistance and that doesn’t work with the instant death. I just keep dying. Hrmm…

Mary Billington (maryb86): Knock resistance is just another type of resistance. I think it affects how much you get knocked back by attacks that push you to the ground. If you eat a bunch of recipe bread and look through your recipes you should be able to find some armour and food that gives faint resistance to at least some degree. I recommend the Turtle Shield or Curry Manju dish but there are others.

L’Nai Cade (l_nai_cade): That’s the weird thing, I have the turtle shield. It only offers ‘knock’ resistance, not faint. So, I’m working toward figuring out how to make the Curry Manju. Lol. Not sure if there is a second turtle shield I can unlock, but this first one def lacks faint resistance.

Mary Billington (maryb86): Oh, I see. I had a Turtle Shield with faint resistance but I think it was upgraded to have it. I may have even found that shield in a chest. Either way, it’s not there by default (I thought it was when I wrote the tips) so I updated the guide to reflect that. Sorry for the confusion! You can upgrade shields with materials like Warrior’s Proof to add faint resistance. Warrior’s Proof can be obtained from goblin-type enemies in SEED Floating Fortress. That being said, curry manju is probably the best option because it has 100% resistance.

L’Nai Cade (l_nai_cade): Thanks! Glad to help as well. Yeah, sadly, even at the Fortress, I would have to level up a LOT to add those (I checked originally about adding faint resistance). So, I’ll just keep looking for faint resistant gear while also making more food. If I find anything else, I’ll let you know. Lol


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