May 20, 2024


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The Reason There Will Never Be A Fable 2 PC Port

Ever since Fable 2 was released for the Xbox 360, fans have been asking for the developer to create a PC version of the successful sequel. In 2010 Fable 3 was released for console systems and the PC version of Fable 3 is due out in 2011. Fans look back to the original game and there was both a console and PC version. That has lead fans to wonder, if there hasn’t been a Fable 2 PC version by now, will there ever be one?

When the first Fable was released on console systems, the original developer realized that they had such a hit game. They decided that they would need to port the game over to the PC due to this fact. They followed up the successful original game with a sequel, Fable 2. This game was originally released on console systems as well. But for an unknown reason, a computer version of the game wasn’t released afterwards. Then in 2010 came Fable 3 and the follow-up computer version in 2011.

To this day, Fable 2 still only has a console version of the game. In 2009, Lionhead Studios stated that the sequel had also been so successful that they would eventually be forced to port the game over to the PC. That never happened though. That same year a Lionhead Studios development team member was quoted as saying that the team was not currently working on a Fable 2 PC port and there were no plans to do so. This was in contradiction to what the ‘official’ developer statement was, but it proved to be true.

If Lionhead Studios never goes back to create a computer version of the sequel, it would not be the first developer to abandon a particular gaming platform in the middle of a game series. The developer of the Gears of War series, Epic, did the same thing as well. When the first Gears of War game came out for consoles they also released a PC version of the game. But when they created the sequel, Gears of War 2, they told the gaming community that they had no intentions of creating a computer version of the game, ever.

All of this information leads us to the reason that there will never be a Fable 2 PC version created by the developer. Lionhead Studios has already released the third game in the series. If they haven’t created a computer version of the sequel yet, they aren’t going to. It just does not make sense for the developer to go backwards in the series rather than move forward. It may not be the news that fans want to hear, but it is probably reality. There will never be a Fable 2 PC version.