June 17, 2024


Feel everything

The Phantom Fellows on Steam


About This Game

Oliver Cobblestone can communicate with a dead- not the dead, but rather one Englebert Picklebender. Together they investigate the paranormal to bring peace to occupant spirits and haunted hosts alike.

Share laughs with the living and deceased in this point-and-click comedy adventure while attending to specters who haunt your clientele. Use Oliver’s incredible ability to, um, be alive, and Englebert’s capacity for the incorporeal to fulfill agreements with the respiratorily challenged. Oh! but the breather paying you will need physical proof you’ve done anything at all, and how will you get something out of nothing? Call your closest pal, take your deepest breath, and stumble headlong into the unknown on a personal journey of social entanglement and brotherhood beyond the veil.

As you pass a week with the Phantom Fellows, you’ll encounter many spirits. Some yearn to be reunited with a possession, others wish to commence their eternal repose, and of course a few simply enjoy a good haunting. Between spooks you’ll also meet many warm-bodied breathers (for better or worse), and all the while a shadowy, malicious spirit will lurk near Oliver for a dearly personal reason.

  • Hand-drawn pixel art and animations

  • Completely interactive- take control of the characters!

  • Switch between Oliver and Englebert! Sometimes being dead has its perks. Maybe.

  • Play through eight days, explore each new location, negotiate with ghosts, sweet talk the living, and perform slapdash acts of tomfoolery!

  • Revisit locations from previous days any time after Day 3 and discover more answers! or questions?

  • Some puzzles have alternate solutions as the ending has an alternate of its own

Please Note The demo does not feature a soundtrack. We decided to best serve the game itself, a score will be written for it in its entirety. So instead of putting placeholder music in the demo we decided to just kindly suggest you put on some of your favorite tunes, get comfortable and enjoy The Phantom Fellows demo!

Mature Content Description

The developers describe the content like this:

Mild/cartoon violence and non-explicit depictions of sexual behavior, including partial nudity.


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