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Star Wars Imperial Academy Review

(Information correct as at 20/12/2010)

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Key card cost



Positives and Negatives



Leaderboards – Yes

Maximum players online – 4

Genre – First Person Shooter

Private matches – Yes


First to ten kills wins or most kills when timer runs out

Eight Maps (as at 20/12/2010)

Levelling up

Awards for in game achievements

Bots and human opponents available

From the makers of Eliminate



A map set on an Imperial Star Destroyer overlooking other Destroyer ships and the Death Star. Map is set on two levels.


The Rebel Base from The Empire Strikes Back. A Snow Speeder is docked in the middle of a hangar which is the central point to the map. There are a number of boxes that surround the map and some elevated platforms along the outer perimeter.

Tantive IV

Set on the CR90 corvette ship from Episode IV the map is set on two different levels. There is a nice mix of enclosed corridor based fighting, and open overlooking sniping points. There is an upper level that provides a respite from any combat on the ground floor. Probably the best map in the game along with Cloud City Tower.

Cloud City Chamber

Han Solo’s Frozen in Carbonite body provides the centrepiece to this map. The freezing chamber is the lowest level on this map with a circular level surrounding this. There are a couple of elevated protected platforms that provide safe shooting positions. Generally open based combat.

Cloud City Tower

One of the better maps. Set on several different levels, all in the open. Falling ala Luke style in Episode V sees you landing on the Millennium Falcon at the bottom of the map where you can continue the battle if you wish!


A Land Speeder lays on the sandy plain outside the Tatooine buildings. Most of the map is set indoors with the ground floor being the prime position for the battle. Certainly no place for Droids!


A large map set on several levels on what appears to be the Death Star. A Tie-Fighter is the centre piece of the map and beyond this you can see deep space…


A relatively bland ‘x’ shaped map set on two levels. The library book cases provide cover for shots fired on the ground floor. Certainly not the best map.


Arc (Tier-1) – Cost of 30 credits

Arc (Tier-1) – Cost of 5 keys

T-21 (Tier 1) – Cost of 120 credits

PMG (Tier-1) – Cost of 120 credits

PLX-2M (Tier-1) – Cost of 230 credits

E-11s (Tier-1) – Cost of 270 credits

DL-44 (Tier-1) – Cost of 270 credits

Arc (Tier-2) – Cost of 260 credits

T-21 (Tier-2) – Cost of 220 credits

SCR (Tier-1) – Cost of 310 credits

PMG (Tier-2) – Cost of 340 credits

E-11s (Tier-2) – Cost of 310 credits

FA-3 (Tier-1) – Cost of 360 credits

DL-44 (Tier-2) – Cost of 400 credits

R-v10 (Tier-1) – Cost of 350 credits


Scouttrooper (Tier-1)

Assaulttrooper (Tier-2)

Scouttrooper (Tier-2)

Snowtrooper (Tier-1)

Sandtrooper (Tier-1)

Assaulttrooper (Tier-3)

Scouttrooper (Tier-3)


60 credits – cost 16 keys

120 credits – cost 30 keys

325 credits – cost 75 keys

C-3PO – cost 100 keys

Luke Skywalker (Disguise) – cost 100 keys

Han Solo (Cadet) – cost 100 keys

Boba Fett – cost 100 keys

Luke (dam+2, 3 def+3) – cost 30 credits

Luke (dam+2, 3 def+3) – 3 keys

Solo (def +3, 5 dam +2) cost 30 credits

Solo (def +3, 5 dam +2) cost 3 keys

Fett (spd +12 dam +2) cost 45 credits

Fett (spd +12 dam +2) cost 4 keys

C-3PO (def +3 5 dam+2) cost 30 credits

C-3PO (def +3 5 dam+2) costs 8 keys

Key card cost

30 keys: £2.99

75 keys: £5.99

165 keys: £11.99

300 keys: £17.99

800 keys: £29.99


Earn bonus experience and credits by keeping your elite bar charged

Use key cards on supply droids to gain power-ups and credits


2200 points when all awards achieved

Shootin’ Womp Rats, Talent, 5 points – 10 kills

Anger Leads to Hate, Talent, 15 points – 100 kills

For a safe and secure society, Talent, 50 points – 1000 kills

Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise, Talent, 100 points – 10000 kills

No match for a good blaster at your side, Strategy, 45 points – Win a match using a fully upgraded weapon

Your skills are complete, Strategy, 45 points – Complete a match with no deaths using fully upgraded armour

Imperial Medallion of Service, Endurance, 25 points – 100 Games Played

Hero of the Empire, Endurance, 100 points – 500 Games Played

Medal of the Emperor’ Fist, Endurance, 300 points – 1000 Games Played

Nova Star Medal of the Empire, Endurance, 400 points – 2000 Games Played

Juggernaut’s Ring, Luck, 10 points – Complete 1 round without dying

Imperial Badge of Meritorious Service, Talent, 25 points – 10 First Place Finishes

Imperial Medal of Honor, Talent, 55 points – 100 First Place Finishes

Emperor’s Will, Talent, 125 points – 500 First Place Finishes

Distinguished Medal of Imperial Honor, Talent, 400 points – 1200 First Place Finishes

Vader’s Fist, Luck, 500 points – Place first in the global skill leaderboard to be eligible for the 501st Legion.

Positives and Negatives


From the makers of the brilliant app Eliminate

It’s free. Given the amount of games available on iTunes Store where you have to purchase them and which turn out to be sub standard, a free game should always be considered a massive positive. I cannot emphasise how, despite some notable flaws, you should get this game considering a) it is free and b) it is overall a generally satisfying game to play especially for Star Wars (and Eliminate) fans

Familiar Star Wars locations from the original trilogy; Bridge, Hoth, Tantive IV, Cloud City Chamber, Cloud City Tower and Tatooine

The maps are varied enough in their content to provide different types of combat. There are indoor and outdoor sections as well as claustrophobic corridors, open space, and enclosed sniping nests

Given there are four players on each map at any one time, the maps are the correct size

The Imperial Academy Training theme will appeal to fans of Star Wars, as will the subtle references on the maps to the props from the movies

Can change to left handed control system for people who are left handed

Lots of awards to collect that require lots of playing time and skill

The game has leaderboards based on Galactic Skill Rating, Academy Matches Won, and Player Kills

You can practice offline against Bots in the same arenas as online to practice

Compared to the current stock of apps, the graphics, whilst not being the best, certainly hold their own

Can play as Luke, Han, Boba Fett et al once you get the sufficient credit to do so

Levelling up leads to more weapons/armor unlocks

There always seems to be someone in a game or waiting to play, and it doesn’t take long at all to get into a game


Would be nice to have as many maps as Eliminate (although this may happen in the future with DLC)

Had problems downloading new content – this took a number of attempts before it was successful

Looking and shooting frequently merge into one control

Would have been nice to hear Star Wars themes playing in game, rather than just sound effects of blasters and Stormtrooper groans

Sound effects are poor. You will tire of hearing Stormtroopers crying out as they get blasted

More players in game and bigger maps combined would have been an improvement

More game modes to choose from like Capture the Flag, Attack and Defend would have given the game more variety and longevity