April 13, 2024


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Space souls-like expands with Hellpoint: Blue Sun set to arrive on July 12th


After not hearing much from Cradle Games and tinyBuild on Hellpoint, they’ve now announced the first major expansion Hellpoint: Blue Sun releases on July 12th. This is along with console next-gen stuff.

For those who haven’t seen it before, Hellpoint is the debut title from Cradle Games and it’s set in a surreal and dark science-fantasy future, mankind and aliens alike seek to harness the power of the soul, and to wrest power away from the cosmic gods of old. Something like that anyway. It’s a souls-like action-RPG in space.

This Blue Sun DLC will show the complete story of Irid Novo, at least for those who can understand much of it. The DLC brings with it:

  • Travel to the Blue Sun parallel dimension to experience a new layer of story that reveals the one true cause of the Merge cataclysm.
  • Three new sprawling areas explore and die in, expanding the interconnected level design.
  • A ton of new armors, characters and bosses
  • New “contract” system
  • Dual wield weapons
  • A variety of quality-of-life improvements designed alongside the Hellpoint player community, like stat respec and inventory management.

Announcement trailer below:

You can pick up Hellpoint on GOG, Humble Store or Steam.

Article taken from GamingOnLinux.com.


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