June 20, 2024


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Reebok Elliptical – Product Review

Reebok is a very popular brand name, a name you can trust. It needs no introduction. You’ve heard of it. Who hasn’t? Reebok elliptical is a machine that can be trusted and you know you are getting value for you money from Reebok.

You’ve probably seen quite a few of these in your local gym and may have even tried them out and seen that ellipticals in general are a smooth walk. That’s right no pushing or straining with this machine. It has the push button like many of the competition’s models which will increase or decrease the difficulty of the workout, taking into factors like length or workout and age of the idividual.

It’s all up to you. There are 12 programs available to use for the workouts. A built in EKG to monitor your heart rate as well as a calorie burner so you can see how much you’ve burned off during that workout.

The dual action handlebars will help you with that upper body strength as you are working your legs at the same time.

Reebok elliptical trainers come with so much it’s a wonder not everyone purchases this machine. Reebok is always looking out for us; they’ve even included a dual fan inside the trainer. Most elliptical trainers only carry one fan if any at all. Having this dual fan design helps keep you cooler longer so you can continue your workout for extended periods of time.

The warranty on these however only seems to be 90 days, some places offer an extended warranty plan, this may be something to look into because 90 days is not that long of a time. Most mechanical flaws will work themselves out within the first 90 days, but other defects may show up after the 90 day period. Personally, this doesn’t bother me though since I’ve never had a problem with Reebok. Burn those calories today!