June 20, 2024


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Pokémon UNITE Glaceon and Season 9 Battle Pass now available


When Eevee reaches Lv. 4 and evolves into Glaceon, Swift can be upgraded into a single of two moves: Icicle Spear or Icy Wind.

Icicle Spear causes Glaceon to launch all of its stored ice crystals in fast succession at the focus on Pokémon, dealing greater harm with every successive strike. When they strike, the ice crystals will also shatter and offer problems in an place of influence. If Glaceon has no stored ice crystals when Icicle Spear is utilised, two will right away be designed and launched. Soon after Icicle Spear is utilised, the cooldown of Ice Shard or Freeze-Dry is decreased. Icicle Spear can also be upgraded to deal further destruction to opposing Pokémon it hits equivalent to a set percentage of their optimum HP.

Icy Wind has Glaceon go in a selected route and would make its following essential attack start all stored ice crystals at an opposing Pokémon. Glaceon then regains the identical range of ice crystals it released. If Glaceon hits the similar opposing Pokémon with 4 or more ice crystals, that Pokémon’s movement velocity is decreased for a brief time—and the a lot more ice crystals that hit that Pokémon, the more robust this movement velocity-reduce influence. If Glaceon has no saved ice crystals when Icy Wind is made use of, two will be produced just before the attack. Icy Wind can also be upgraded to deal added problems to opposing Pokémon it hits equal to a established share of their maximum HP.

At Lv. 6, Tail Whip can be upgraded into both Ice Shard or Freeze-Dry.

Ice Shard increases Glaceon’s movement pace for a small time. Afterward, Glaceon’s essential attack speed raises for a quick time and its basic assaults change into attacks that hurl chunks of ice. These chunks of ice offer destruction to opposing Pokémon they strike and decrease their motion pace for a small time. Every time a chunk of ice hits, Glaceon gains two ice crystals. Glaceon also gains two ice crystals if Ice Shard is made use of even though launching ice crystals with Icicle Spear, or if Ice Shard is used following Icy Wind has been utilised but before Glaceon has introduced all of its ice crystals with its future fundamental assault. Ice Shard can also be upgraded to maximize Glaceon’s fundamental assault pace for the period of Ice Shard’s influence.

Freeze-Dry raises Glaceon’s Sp. Atk for a shorter time and has Glaceon shoot out a freezing burst of air in a ahead direction. The burst of air explodes on hitting an opposing Pokémon or right after traveling a set length, dealing injury to opposing Pokémon in the place of outcome. For each individual opposing Pokémon strike by the explosion, Glaceon gains two ice crystals. The explosion also leaves driving an ice zone. Opposing Pokémon that enter this ice zone will have their motion velocity reduced, and if they remain in the ice zone for a set volume of time, they develop into frozen for a limited time. Freeze-Dry can also be upgraded to make an ice crystal for each individual opposing Pokémon hit by the move’s explosions.


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