December 1, 2022


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OlliOlli World’s final DLC kickflips into the clouds

OlliOlli Planet is obtaining a remaining piece of DLC. Discovering The Flowzone, which will be unveiled this November, options a new bunch of degrees to grind throughout – only these kinds are set amongst the clouds. It’s going to also include things like new “Windzones” for catching larger air, as very well as tougher routes intended for the ideal players.&#13

You will find no traditional trailer for Finding The Flowzone, but there is this sea shanty formatted for telephones/TikTok. (Did you know that RPS has a TikTok now? How do you do fellow young ones?) at?v=iML81KPsuw4

Roll7 comprehensive their new growth in excess of on the PlayStation weblog. There they reveal that Windzones can be employed to ” propel on your own ahead in excess of hurdles, bounce you backward on to concealed routes, and consider you out with newer, speedier, sillier slams than at any time just before.” They need to permit you execute much more tips and attain larger scores.&#13

The new programs also feature “burly routes”, a move additional than preceding tracks “gnarly routes”. These are far more difficult paths as a result of ranges, which only the greatest players will be capable to successfully navigate but which will of system grant you even greater scores.&#13

Brendan beloved OlliOlli World, just as he did the original sport, when he reviewed it for us at the start out of the calendar year. &#13

OlliOlli Entire world has gone for that most coveted of structure aims – “uncomplicated to discover, hard to learn”. I think it succeeds. For people who be part of me in obsessiveness, it may possibly grow to be dependable for hundreds of recreation pads laid minimal by kickflip-induced adhere drift. These kinds of is the depth and frequency with which you will twiddle them sticks. I know. I stand before you a person touched by a divinity only individuals lifted by gaming publications of the 90s can fathom. I can say, with integrity, with out embellishment, that this recreation is so fierce it will give you literal skin sores. It is blisteringly very good.

Locating The Flowzone will start on November 2nd by using Steam.