June 17, 2024


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More Social Media Strategies – Twitter and Facebook Aren’t the Only Game in Town

You know that social media and Twitter really help your business grow. But other than Facebook and Twitter, what else is there? Read on to find a few new tools you may not have thought of.

Twitter and Facebook are the two giants in the social media world. Ignore them at your own peril. But they’re not the only ones.

There are other social media communities where you can build connections, and there are other social media strategies that work very differently.

1) Other social media communities
In addition to Twitter and Facebook, you should also check out LinkedIn and Ryze, just for starters. Both of these communities are much more strongly focused on the business community, so if you’re in the business to business market, you definitely will find them helpful.

2) Blog commenting
It’s a Web 2.0 world out there. People talk to each other, and one of the places they talk is on each other’s blogs. So as you come across blogs on your subject matter, read them and if you can think of anything to say, respond with a comment.

Just make sure the comment makes sense and in fact makes a contribution. Otherwise it will be deleted as spam and you’ll have wasted your time.

How do you find blogs? Follow up on some of the links on Twitter. You’ll find some really good blogs that way. You can also sign up for Google Alerts for your subject and you’ll find more blogs. Or you could go straight to Google and look for your subject and blogs directly.

Either way, you should be able to find plenty to keep you busy.

And then what happens? Others, who read your comments, may go take a look. The person whose blog you commented on will also likely take a look.

3) Forums
Yet another way to build your community is to participate in forums on your subject.

Just type your subject and the word “forum” into Google and see what turns up. Then visit a few, join some, and participate. Before you know it, you’ll be part of yet another new community. And, of course, in your signature line, you can advertise your business, or your special of the day, or both.

And that’s just the beginning. There’s a lot more where these came from. But the important part is to get started and to grow your presence in whichever communities you’ve decided to join. Once you’ve achieved a certain presence and routine, add another one.