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Lost Ark – World Bosses Guide: All Bosses, Locations, Wiki


World bosses, also known as field bosses, are powerful bosses that you can encounter throughout the world of Lost Ark.

Unlike bosses in raids and dungeons, world bosses spawn on the regular maps where anyone can join the fight against them by going to their spawn location.

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You’re meant to take on world bosses with many people, so you’re going to have a hard time soloing them, at least when leveling through the game. You will be able to solo some of the lower-level ones later.

Defeating world bosses comes with several benefits, including useful rewards and progress in the Adventurer’s Tome.

In this guide, we give you all the information you need on world bosses in Lost Ark, from which ones there are and where they’re located to their item level requirement, if any.

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What are world bosses?

World bosses are bosses that appear on regular maps in Lost Ark, which means you don’t have to join a raid or a dungeon to fight them.

There is an item level requirement to deal damage to and receive rewards from level 50 world bosses except for Maneth, but all of the ones under level 50 and Maneth anyone can fight, deal damage to and get rewards from.

Unlike raids and dungeons, there is no limit to how many people can face a world boss. Anyone who goes to one’s spawn location can fight it, and everyone fights it at the same time.

World bosses are technically called Field Bosses in Lost Ark, but they work the same way as world bosses in other MMORPGs do.

Because anyone who goes to the location of world bosses can fight them, they aren’t meant to be taken on alone.

You’ll quickly find that it’s going to take a long time to take down a world boss by yourself because of their massive HP.

Later on in the game, once you get stronger, you will be able to solo lower-level field bosses, though.

All world bosses have a specific location where they reside, and channels are not linked, which means the same world boss under level 50 and Maneth can be on multiple channels at the same time.

All world bosses and locations

There are currently 20 world bosses to face in Lost Ark, and chances are that you won’t randomly run into every single one of them while playing through the game.

To help you get an overview of all the world bosses, also known as field bosses, in Lost Ark, we’ve created the following table.

Here is a complete overview of all world bosses in Lost Ark, their level, HP, location, and item level requirement if they have any.

Map is the Area on the World Map that a world boss resides on, and the location is the specific location within that map/Area. You can see on what continent a map is in the parenthesis.

Required ilvl is the minimum item level that your character needs to have before you can deal any damage to the boss and thereby receive rewards from it.

You can still fight world bosses even if you don’t meet the Rec Item Level, but you do not get any rewards and do not deal any damage. It will all be blocked.

World bosses spawn times

World bosses under level 50 and Maneth don’t have specific spawn times. They spawn 30 minutes after last being defeated and stay until they’re defeated again.

So, if you go to the location of a world boss that’s under level 50 or Maneth and they aren’t there, they have recently been defeated.

You will have to wait till it spawns again, which it does within 30 minutes, or change channel. Spawn times are separate on each channel, so a world boss can be present on one channel but not another.

World bosses that are level 50 and have ilvl requirements have specific times the battle against them starts. But there is still no limit on how many people can face them.

Lost Ark Field Boss Spawn Location

In the image above, you can see the icon that is displayed on the minimap for world bosses that have an item level requirement.

The icon is where that world boss will spawn. World bosses without an item level requirement are not marked on the map.

You can see when the battle against a specific world boss that’s level 50 and has an ilvl requirement starts in the Calendar in the top-left corner of the screen. That world boss will then spawn within 5 minutes of the start time in the Calendar.

Rewards from world bosses

World bosses give you a wide range of rewards upon being defeated.

Some of the most notable drops from world bosses are gear, cards, treasure maps, runes, souls, engraving books, honing material, and gems.

The loot that you get from world bosses isn’t the only great thing about defeating them. You also make progress in your Adventurer’s Tome by defeating them.

The higher the level of the world boss and the higher the item level requirement it has, the better loot and higher item level gear you can expect to get from them.

You cannot keep getting loot from the same world boss. You can only receive loot from the same boss once per day per roster.

Item level requirements

All world bosses under level 50 and Maneth have no item level requirements, which means that you can deal damage to them normally and get rewards no matter your character’s item level.

All world bosses that are level 50 except for Maneth have an item level requirement, called Rec Item Level in the game.

You can see the item level requirement of each level 50 world boss in the table earlier in this guide.

When you don’t meet the item level requirement of a world boss, you cannot deal any damage to the boss, it will all be blocked, and you do not get any rewards when it’s defeated.

Even if you don’t meet the item level requirement of a world boss, you can still experience the fight by going to its location and waiting for it to spawn. Just not deal any damage or get loot.

You’ll get the message “You cannot claim this reward because you cannot receive rewards or you need to contribute more” when a world boss that you don’t meet the item level requirement for is defeated.

That’s all you need to know about world bosses in Lost Ark!

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