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Lost Ark – Guild Guide: How To Create, Join, Leave, Wiki


In Lost Ark, you can join a guild, which is a community of players who benefit from the activities of other guild members.

There are several benefits to joining a guild in Lost Ark, so it’s recommended to do it right when you start playing the game.

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Though guilds in Lost Ark do work in a similar way as in other MMORPGs, there are a couple of things that are unique.

To ensure that you get the most out of the guild system, you should know how the system and its activities work.

In this guide, we give you all the information you need on the guild system in Lost Ark, from how to join a guild to what guild activities there are.

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How to join a guild

Before you can start enjoying the benefits of being in a guild, you need to be part of one.

To join a guild in Lost Ark, press ‘Alt+U’ on your keyboard or click the Community then Guild in the bottom-right menu, find a guild you wish to join in the Guild window, and click Request or Join instantly.

You can also use the search bar at the top of the Suggested Guilds tab to find a specific guild.

Guilds can choose to be on either a Request or a Join instantly basis when recruiting new members.

If a guild has the Join instantly button next to its listing, anyone can join that guild instantly without approval as long as there are guild member slots left and there are no requirements.

Guilds that use the Request system cannot be joined instantly, you have to apply for them and be approved by the guild leader or a guild deputy to join.

Lost Ark Joining a Guild
Screenshot: Gamerempire.net

After clicking Request to join a guild, you have to wait until the guild leader decides on your application. If they accept you, you’ll be in the guild.

A guild can choose to set an item level requirement for joining their guild. If a guild has an item level requirement, you cannot join it instantly or request to join before you meet the item level requirement.

Guilds can also choose to have a password to join, which is mostly used among friends who want a private guild.

If a guild has an item level requirement to join, you can see the item level on the Join instantly or Request button.

Guilds that have an item level requirement are usually better, as their members are often more active and have minimum the item level requirement.

If you’ve just started the game, however, you, of course, have no choice but to join a guild without an item level requirement, and that’s just fine.

How to create a guild

If you’d rather create your own guild instead of joining an existing one, you can do so right from the start of the game.

To create a guild in Lost Ark, open up the Guild window by pressing ‘Alt+U’ or by clicking Community and then Guild in the bottom-right menu, go to the Create Guild tab, choose a guild name and description, and click Create Guild.

Lost Ark Creating a Guild
Screenshot: Gamerempire.net

You’ve now created your very own guild in Lost Ark!

Creating a guild costs only 2,000 Silver, which can be obtained in no time.

You cannot design your own guild flag when you create a guild, but you can change it later.

When you create a guild, the option Add to Suggested Guilds List will automatically be turned on. We recommend keeping it turned on, as your guild won’t appear in the Suggested Guilds tab otherwise, which is where most players find a guild.

By default, a newly created guild is set to Request to join, but you can change the settings for how players can join in the Manage tab after you create a guild.

You can see guild applications and either accept or decline them in the Manage tab.

How to leave a guild

If you get tired of your current guild and want to join another better one or want to create your own, you can leave the one that you’re currently in.

To leave a guild in Lost Ark, open up the Guild menu by pressing ‘Alt+U’ or by clicking Community and then Guild in the bottom-right menu, go to the Manage tab at the top by pressing the right-arrow icon, click Leave Guild at the bottom, and click OK.

Leaving a guild comes with a 4-day leave penalty, which means that you cannot join another guild or create a new one before 4 days have passed since you left.

You also receive the leave penalty if you are kicked from a guild, so it doesn’t make a difference whether you leave yourself or you get kicked.

Guild weekly tasks

You can access and complete various weekly tasks for yourself and your guild when you’re in a guild.

When you complete weekly guild tasks, you earn both resources and XP for the guild and Sylmael Bloodstones, Weekly Guild Contribution, Guild Weekly Tasks Points for yourself.

You can only receive Symael Bloodstones from weekly tasks once per week, but you can keep completing the same weekly tasks to earn more Guild Contribution and Guild Weekly Tasks Points.

To start a weekly guild task, open up the Una’s Tasks menu by pressing ‘Alt+J’ or by clicking Adventure and then Una’s Tasks in the bottom-right menu, go to the Guild Request tab, and click Accept on the quest that you wish to do.

Lost Ark Weekly Guild Task
Screenshot: Gamerempire.net

Before you can start a guild task for you to complete in the Una’s tasks menu, the Guild Leader, a Guild Deputy, or an Officer needs to have started one or multiple weekly guild tasks for the entire guild in the current week.

If no guildmate with the appropriate rank has started any weekly guild tasks for the guild in a given week, nobody in the guild can accept and complete any weekly guild tasks.

The Guild Leader, a Guild Deputy, or an Officer, can accept one or multiple weekly guild tasks for the guild in a given week by opening the guild menu, going to the Weekly Tasks tab, clicking the ‘Weekly Tasks’ button in the top-right corner, and clicking Accept on one or multiple weekly guild tasks.

After one or multiple weekly guild tasks have been accepted, everyone in the guild can start the individual weekly guild quests in Una’s Tasks as described above.

When any guildmate completes the weekly task that’s been accepted in the guild, that weekly task gains points in the Weekly Tasks tab of the guild. The more points a weekly task gets, the higher the level it reaches, and the more rewards it gives to the guild.

In a new guild, only one weekly guild task can be accepted for the guild at a time, but as the guild starts to do research, they can unlock an additional 2 weekly guild task slots and thereby accept up to 3 weekly guild tasks at a time.

There are many different types of weekly guild tasks, but they are all relatively simple to complete. They range from collecting quest-specific resources from Trade Skills to fighting in the Boss Rush.

If you’re a new member of a guild, you cannot complete any weekly guild tasks before 3 days have passed since you joined. You’ll be met with the message: “New guildmates cannot progress guild requests”.

How to donate to your guild

You can donate to your guild to help it grow, which in turn will increase your guild contribution rate.

To donate to your guild, open the Guild menu, click the ”Guild Donation’ button in the bottom-right corner of the Overview tab, and click the ‘Donate’ button under the currency you wish to donate.

Silver, gold, and honor can be donated to your guild in the amounts of 6,000, 100, and 1, respectively. They each give different rewards to your guild and you – here is an overview.

  • 6,000 silver = 1 Guild XP and 50 Guild Bloodstones for your guild + 10 Guild Contribution and 50 Symael Bloodstones for you
  • 100 gold = 1 Guild XP and 200 Guild Bloodstones for your guild + 30 Guild Contribution and 200 Symael Bloodstones for you
  • 1 Guild Honor Banner = 2 Guild XP and 200 Guild Bloodstones for your guild + 50 Guild Contribution and 200 Symael Bloodstones for you

You can make donations to your guild every single day. The same currency can only be donated once per day, but you can donate each for a maximum of 3 donations per day.

Guild shop

The items and resources that you can purchase from the guild shop are what make spending time on the guild system worth your while.

In the guild shop, also called the Sylmael Bloodstone Exchange, you can exchange the Sylmael Bloodstones you’ve obtained from guild activities for various useful items and resources.

Lost Ark Sylmael Bloodstone Exchange guild shop
Screenshot: Gamerempire.net

Here are the overall categories of items and resources that you can purchase in the Sylmael Bloodstone Exchange:

  • Combat XP Potions
  • Silver Chests
  • Honing Materials
  • Content Entrance Tickets

You’ll find the Sylmael Bloodstone Exchange NPC in every major city of the game. To see their exact location, open the map, and search for ‘Sylmael Bloodstone Exchange’.

Not all of the listings in the Sylmael Bloodstone Exchange can be purchased from the start. Some listings require that your guild has researched a specific level of the guild shop. Some listings also have an item level requirement.

If a listing has either an item level or research requirement, you can see it in its listing box or in its description when hovering over them.

How to get Sylmael Bloodstones

Sylmael Bloodstones is the guild currency in Lost Ark, which you can spend at the guild shop.

You can earn Sylmael Bloodstones by participating in guild activities – specifically weekly guild tasks and guild contributions.

The first time you complete a new type of weekly guild task every week, you get a number of Sylmael Bloodstones.

Every week, the guild distributes its earned guild bloodstones to the guild itself and its members, based on the set distribution rate and the contribution goals and actual contributions by the members in that given week.

To get a share of the guild bloodstones, which will become Sylmael Bloodstones when sent to you, you need to increase your guild contribution and reach the minimum contribution requirement in a given week.

If you don’t meet the guild contribution requirement in a week, you won’t get any Sylmael Bloodstones from the weekly distribution and will have to build up your contribution for the next week.

What is guild contribution?

Guild contribution is a measure of how active and contributing a guildmate has been in the current week since the last reset.

Every week when Sylmael Bloodstones are distributed amongst the members of the guild, you need to have reached the set contribution requirement to get a share of the Sylmael Bloodstones sent out to guild members.

You can see your current guild contribution, what the contribution minimum is set to per week, as well as what percentage of the shared Sylmael Bloodstones will be sent out to members and what percentage is kept by the guild in the Bloodstone Distribution tab under the Manage tab in the Guild menu.

Lost Ark Guild Contribution
Screenshot: Gamerempire.net

There are two ways to earn guild contribution – by completing weekly guild tasks and by donating to your guild.

The easiest way to reach the Guild Contribution requirement is by making donations to your guild.

You might not want to spend your gold donating to your guild, though, nor want to acquire the Guild Honor Banner, in which case we recommend just donating the 6,000 silver daily.

The Guild Honor Banner, which gives a lot of guild contributions when donated, can be obtained by purchasing it from Mari’s Secret Shop in the Store. It is rarely for sale there, though.

The second and most efficient way to earn guild contribution, resource-wise, is completing weekly guild tasks, which require your time.

Depending on the type of weekly task, you do also get other resources like Trade Skill materials when completing the task.

Guild research

Guilds can perform research to unlock new features, better weekly tasks, guild shop listings, more research and weekly task slots, and more.

Guildmates with the appropriate rank can start guild research by opening the guild menu, going to the Research tab, clicking the ‘Research List’ button in the top-right corner, selecting what to research, and clicking the ‘Research’ button.

Guild research costs Guild Bloodstones to start and takes time to complete. Guild research takes much longer to complete than most research in the Stronghold, but there aren’t as many things for the guild the research either.

The guild earns Guild Bloodstones from its members conducting guild activities and the weekly distribution.

Before the guild can start certain research, the guild needs to have reached a specific level. You can see what guild level is required for each research in the list of research.

How to level up your guild

Like many systems in Lost Ark, guilds also have their own level.

Leveling up of a guild unlocks access to new research and increases its number of guildmate slots.

To level up a guild, its members need to do guild activities, which give Guild XP. When enough Guild XP is earned from members completing weekly tasks and donating, the guild levels up.

You can see the current guild level, XP, and XP needed to reach the next level on the left side of the Guild menu.

How to change guild flag, name, and join settings

When you create a guild, you can only choose its name and description, not the guild’s flag or join settings.

These things, including the name and description of the guild, can be changed after you create it.

To change the flag icon of a guild, open the Guild menu, click the right-arrow at the top, go to the Manage tab, click Edit Flag, design your flag, and click OK.

You can edit your guild’s flag as often as you want to for free.

When creating and designing your flag, you can choose a base flag and up to 3 marks on top. Each mark can be fully customized in size, location, color, rotation, and flip.

Lost Ark Editing Guild Flag
Screenshot: Gamerempire.net

To start with, you cannot choose between all base flags and marks, as your guild needs to purchase them with Guild Bloodstones and meet their guild level requirement if they have any.

To change the name of your guild, go to the Manage tab in the Guild menu, click the Change Guild Name button on the right side, click OK, and select the guild’s new name.

Changing the name of a guild requires one Guild Name Change token, which costs 2,900 Royal Crystals, which equals approximately $30. It’s therefore recommended that you find a guild name that you like when creating a guild.

To change the join settings of your guild, open the Guild menu and go to the Manage tab, click the Join Settings button at the bottom and choose how players can join your guild, then click Save.

If you wish to set an item level requirement that players need to meet before they can join or apply for your guild, type it in the field next to Min Item Level.

By default, your guild will be set to Subject to approval, which means players have to request to join, and the guild leader, guild deputy, or an officer then has to approve them.

There are four types of join settings you can choose for your guild.

Subject to approval lets anyone who meets the item level requirement, if any is set, apply for your guild. They then have to be approved to become part of the guild.

Join instantly lets anyone who meets the item level requirement, if any is set, join the guild instantly if the guild isn’t full.

Require a password lets you set a password that must be typed in to join the guild. If someone writes the correct password, they will instantly join the guild.

Deny makes it so that nobody can join the guild and so that the guild doesn’t appear in the Suggested Guilds tab. It will stay like this until you change to another join setting.

How to kick a member

If a member of your guild is starting to become inactive or you wish to remove them because of another reason, you can kick them, called ban or banish in Lost Ark.

To kick a guild member, open up the Guild menu, go to the Guildmates tab, find the member in the list of guild members, right-click them, click Ban, then OK, and then OK again.

After clicking OK, that member will be banished from the guild, also known as kicked.

The member who you’ve kicked cannot join another guild or create a new one before 4 days have passed since their kick. The guild itself doesn’t face any penalties for kicking a member.

If you do not see a guild member in the list of members in the Guildmates tab, it’s because they are offline. Untick the box at the bottom of the window that says ‘Show only online Guildmates’ to see offline guild members.

How to change a guild member’s rank

When you’re the leader of a guild or the guild deputy, you can manage the ranks of the members in your guild to change their permissions.

To change the rank of a guild member, open the Guild menu, go to the Guildmates tab, right-click the member whose rank you want to change, hover over Set Position in the drop-down menu, and select the rank you wish to give them.

A member’s rank cannot be upgraded until they’ve been in the guild for at least 3 days.

Again, if you do not see a member in the Guildmates tab of the Guild menu, untick the ‘Show only online Guildmates’ box at the bottom.

Guild member ranks and permissions

Guild members can have different ranks, and each rank gives different permissions as to what that member can do and manage in the guild.

Here are the different guild member ranks and what permissions they give, in order of most influence and power to least:

  • Guildmaster: Can do and manage everything, including transferring ownership of guild, disbanding the guild, and demoting Guild Deputies.
  • Guild Deputy: Can do everything that the Guildmaster can do, including starting weekly tasks, research, accepting and rejecting guild member applications, and kicking guildmates, but cannot transfer ownership, disband the guild, nor demote other Guild Deputies.
  • Officer: Can do everything that the Guild Deputy can do, but cannot change guildmates’ ranks.
  • Guildmate: Cannot manage anything in the guild, can only donate to the guild and complete weekly tasks started by Guild Deputies or the Guildmaster

As not all aspects of the guild system have been released in the NA/EU version of Lost Ark, the permissions of Guild Deputies and Officers are almost the same. When Guild vs. Environment and Guild vs. Guild are released, the deputy will have a few more permissions than officers.

Only one guildmate can be given the rank Guild Deputy, while there is no limit to the number of players you give the rank Officer.

When you first join a guild, you have a special new member rank, which limits your capabilities in earning guild contribution, and you cannot be promoted to a higher rank while being of the new member rank.

You will automatically receive the Guildmate rank after being in the guild for 3 days, at which point your guild earnings capabilities increase, and you can be promoted.

How to transfer guild leadership

If you no longer wish to be the leader of your guild but don’t want to disband it either, you can transfer the leadership of the guild to another member.

To transfer the leadership of a guild, open the guild menu, go to the Manage tab by clicking the right-arrow, click the ‘Change Leader’ button in the bottom-right corner, and click ‘OK’.

Lost Ark Change Guild Leader
Screenshot: Gamerempire.net

In the confirmation window, it’ll display what guildmate you are about to promote to Guildmaster and thus transfer guild leadership to.

The guild member that you wish to transfer the guild leadership to must be a Guild Deputy before leadership can be transferred to them. If they aren’t the Guild Deputy already, promote them to that rank and then transfer the leadership.

There can only be one Guild Deputy in the guild, and they are the one that can be given the guild leadership.

If someone else than the player you wish to make the Guildmaster is currently the Guild Deputy, you have to demote them and promote the player you wish to transfer leadership to the Guild Deputy.

A new member of the guild cannot be promoted to any rank, including Guild Deputy, before they’ve been in the guild for at least 3 days.

You must be the Guildmaster to transfer the leadership of a guild.

How to disband a guild

If you wish to delete your guild in Lost Ark, you can do so by disbanding it.

To disband your guild, open the Guild menu, click the right-arrow in the top-right corner, select the Manage tab, click the Disband Guild button at the bottom, and click OK.

Your guild will now enter a disbanding standby period, where you can revert your decision to disband the guild.

After the disbanding standby period is over, your guild will be disbanded.

Before you delete your guild, we recommend considering transferring the leadership of the guild to another guildmate in case they want to run it.

After you transfer the leadership of the guild, you can leave the guild, and the new leader can run it.

How to not display guild name over character name

If you’ve just joined a guild in Lost Ark, you’ve probably noticed that the name of your guild is displayed above your character’s name.

Most players prefer not to have their guild name displayed above their character’s name, so here is how to get rid of it.

To disable displaying your guild’s name above your character’s name in Lost Ark, press ESC, click Settings, select Gameplay, then Name Tags in the drop-down menu, untick the box next to Show Guild Name, and click the ‘Apply’ button at the bottom.

Your guild’s name will now no longer be displayed above your character. To enable it again, just retick the box in Settings.

Why should you join a guild?

There are several benefits to joining a guild in Lost Ark.

The main reason why you should join a guild is that you can earn Sylmael Bloodstones, which can be spent in the guild shop.

Obtaining Sylmael Bloodstones from guild activities helps your progression, as you can purchase honing materials, Combat XP, and Content Entrance Tickets with them.

The second reason why you might want to join a guild for the community aspect, which can help you find groups for end-game content where a group is required.

Later, when the guild features Guild vs. Guild, Guild vs. Environment, and Guild Skills are added to the NA/EU version of Lost Ark, being in a guild becomes even more important late-game.

To get the most rewards from the guild system, you should be actively doing guild activities, but you should preferably also be in a guild with many members that also actively do guild activities, as the total rewards for all members will be greater.

Can you join a guild from another server?

No, you cannot join a guild that is on another server or another region in Lost Ark.

Guilds exist only within the same server.

If you wish to be in a specific guild that maybe your friends are in that play on another server, you would have to create a character on their server to join the same guild.

How to get more guild member slots

When a new guild is created, it has a maximum of 30 available guild member slots.

To increase the number of guild member slots in a guild, you have to level up the guild. Every time the guild levels up, its number of maximum guildmate slots increases.

Lost Ark Guild Member Slots by guild level
Screenshot: Gamerempire.net

In the beginning, you get two extra guild member slots per level up, but later, you start getting 3 and 5 guild member slots per level up.

You can see the maximum guildmate slots a guild has at each level by opening the guild menu, clicking the right-arrow in the top-right corner, selecting the Manage tab, and then selecting the Level Benefits subtab.

Guild vs. Guild, Guild vs. Environment, and Guild Skills

There are some aspects of the guild system that are not currently implemented in the NA/EU version of Lost Ark.

These include Guild vs. Guild, Guild vs. Environment, and Guild Skills.

Guild vs. Guild is a feature where you fight along some of your guildmembers against a team consisting of members from another guild.

Guild vs. Environment is a special event in various locations of the world in Lost Ark, where you can take on powerful enemies and bosses at specific times with your guildmates.

Guild Skills are skills your guild can unlock that the members can then use to increase their stats, etc.

All of these features are, as mentioned, not available in the NA/EU version, but they will likely be added later as the developers keep updating the game.

That’s everything you need to know about the guild system in Lost Ark!

Have any input or suggestions for this guide? Let us know in the comment section below.


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