June 20, 2024


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Is There a Romance System in Triangle Strategy?

Story-driven games get players invested in their storyline and characters by weaving them together with in-game mechanics. One such mechanic that has players invested in characters is Romance. Triangle Strategy has many different characters and an interesting political plotline that ties them together, but is there a romance system in Triangle Strategy? Read on to find out!

Is There a Romance System in Triangle Strategy?

Triangle Strategy has an interesting storyline with decisions that can lead to branching storylines. With decisions like that, one might wonder that there is enough wiggle room for romantic subplots and choices.

Alas, there is no such Romance System in Triangle Strategy.

In Triangle Strategy, Serenoa is engaged with Fredrica and if you as Serenoa are looking to pair him up with other female characters of Triangle Strategy, then you are out of luck because Triangle Strategy does not allow you to choose your partners.

Triangle Strategy does however hint that other characters are in some kind of relation in one way or another.

In addition to Serenoa’s engagement with Fredrica, several other relations are also going on in the background. Some are in the developing stage while some are already developed.

In Triangle Strategy, there is a game mechanic known as Conviction which can be mistaken with Romance. Conviction itself is complicated and has huge consequences throughout the game, especially on interactions between Characters.

So, while you can ship all the characters you like, there isn’t really any relationship system to play around with in Triangle Strategy.