May 20, 2024


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Improving Basketball Ball Handling

Handling the basketball is something that every basketball player needs to be able to do! If a basketball player cannot handle the basketball, they are a detriment to their team! A defensive oriented team that I had was playing a much taller team that could not dribble too well. We full-court pressed the entire game. Our opponents COULD NOT get the ball over the half-court line due to our pressure and ability to steal the ball. At one point, the point guard for our opponent screamed at their coach, “I can’t dribble against these guys!” Needless to say, we won!

How is your Left Hand?

If you’re a right handed player, how close is your left hand to being as good and confident as your right? Once again, a defensive oriented coach will recognize a player’s weakness and use that against them! If your weakness is your left (non-dominant) hand, the defense will sense that and defend accordingly. Are you that player?

A little tip for your non-dominant hand, when playing/scrimmaging and there is no pressure on you, use your non-dominant hand! The more you use your non-dominant hand, the more you will grow comfortable and confident with it!

Another great and fun way to improve your ‘handles’ is to go against a few kids that are much younger than you and have them try to get the ball off of you! Go behind your back, between your legs, etc., and just have fun. You’ll be amazed how much that will help you grow in confidence being able to ward off so many.


If you play in the post, do not let your coach tell you that you can’t dribble the ball! Now you may not be skilled enough to handle the ball in a game yet! But with work, you will be able to!

I recall watching a game where a young post player was brought up to help break the press. I thought to myself, “coach, what are you doing?! Keep them back and let your guards handle this pressure!” When the guards passed the post the ball, the POST broke the press utilizing the dribble and made a perfect pass to a guard to complete the fast break! Yes posts, you can handle the ball! But you have to work at it. It’s not going to just happen overnight!

This is an expression used on being able to handle the basketball very well. “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds” is the mailman’s motto. The point guard has to be able to deliver the ‘mail’! It’s your job!

If you would like additional information on ball handling and basketball, follow this link:

Good luck!