July 20, 2024


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How To Breed a Gold Chocobo in Final Fantasy 7

How To Breed a Gold Chocobo in Final Fantasy 7

Today we’re going to go over how to breed a gold chocobo in the popular title from SquareSoft called Final Fantasy 7. You can find this game on PC, PlayStation 1 and also PlayStation 3 (DLC). This method works on all of those platforms so don’t worry.

To start this tedious journey, hop in your airship and head over to the Chocobo Ranch south of Kalm. Here you will buy 4 ranch stables from the owner in the barn. Now put on your Chocobo Lure and let’s get to work. You will need to buy a lot of reagan greens from Chocobo Sage, who resides above the Icicle Inn.

Now head over to the chocobo tracks near the Gold Saucer on the middle continent. Keep fighting until you encounter 2 monsters and a chocobo. Toss a reagen green at the chocobo and kill the remaining monsters. Hop off and make it go back to the ranch. Do this same thing again so you have 2 chocobos at the ranch that you caught from this spot.

Now go to the tracks near Mideel and capture 2 more chocobos. Send them back to the ranch and fly over to the world map around Bone Village. Run in circles until you find mobs called Vlakorados. Fight these monsters until you steal three carob nuts. Now fly back to the chocobo ranch.

At this point, you should really save your game. Now just breed the chocobos you have at the ranch. So you should be breeding 2 gold saucer chocobos and 2 mideel chocobos. This should give you a blue chocobo and a green chocobo. You’re going to have to breed these 2 together so make sure one is male and one is female. This will give you a black chocobo.

After you’ve gotten you black chocobo, you need to head over to the Icicle Inn chocobo tracks until you encounter a chocobo and capture it. Send it back to the stables and head over to the small island Northeast of the chocobo ranch. run around until you encounter a very explosive goblin. Steal a zeio nut from him and head back to the ranch. Now breed the 2 chocobos you have left at the ranch and you should get a golden chocobo! Now go snag the Knights of the Round materia that is on the very small island at the very northeast corner of the world map.