April 13, 2024


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Here’s how much PlayStation’s PS1 and PSP games might cost

Some of Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 1 and PSP titles started appearing on the Asian PlayStation Store. Currently, games like Ape EscapeMr. Driller, and Tekken 2 are exclusively available on the Hong Kong digital marketplace. While none of these are up for grabs on the Western PlayStation Store, we do have something to go off of on how much they may cost when they do become purchasable.

PS1 and PSP games are starting to appear on PlayStation Store in Asia.

PS1 Games
• Ape Escape: https://t.co/Bk0aWuzYyQ
• Disney Pixar Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue!: https://t.co/t6QOXI6BeJ
• Hot Shots Golf: https://t.co/xkih3QYMYd

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Of the retro games currently released, the prices run from HK$38 to HK$78. A quick monetary conversion shows that when the titles are brought over to the U.S. PlayStation Store they’ll most likely run from $5 to $10. There’s currently no indication of what dictates the variation in the cost of each game.

The games that are currently available on the Hong Kong PlayStation store include:

  • Ape Escape
  • Tekken 2
  • Mr. Driller
  • Disney Pixar Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue!
  • Hot Shots Golf
  • I.Q.: Intelligent Qube
  • Jumping Flash!
  • Syphon Filter
  • Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee
  • Wild Arms
  • Worms Armageddon
  • Worms World Party
  • echochrome

As revealed a bit early than expected, PlayStation is also bringing its trophy system to these classic titles. Of the games in this list, Ape Escape, Hot Shots Golf, Intelligent Qube, Syphon Filter, and Wild Arms all have had their trophy lists released.

PlayStation owners can also get their hands on some of these games of the past with the new PlayStation Plus model. This new model is very similar to Xbox Game Pass, allowing subscribers to access a large library of both old and new games via PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles.

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