May 19, 2024


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Go Play Mobile – A Pack Of Games For Symbian OS

BlockBuster (Symbian)

BlockBuster is a logic game with the elements of arcade – it will be right for both – puzzle fans and action lovers. The
main goal of the game is very simple – to remove color squares from the board, but as soon as you start playing, you realize that you need to struggle for victory. Three skill levels, original interface and amazing skins make your game more addictive than ever.

BoXplosion (Symbian)

BoXplosion is a symbiosis of two wonderful game styles. Relaxed game-playing modes are present here, as well as those that will require all your skills in quickly pushing the buttons and shooting your
clicks at the right spot. This game will give you possibility to exercise both your brainpower and speed of response. Don’t let the oncoming blocks fill the field – use bonuses!

Bubble Shooter (Symbian)

Are you sure you have nothing urgent to do? It’s better to finish everything before you start shooting color bubbles and
exploding their avalanches because otherwise you won’t even start doing your job
! Bubble Shooter takes the best from Tetris(TM), Arkanoid, and Pool adding new and cool features. Four levels of difficulty allow players with different preferences and of various age groups to enjoy the game in full. Beware – it’s addictive!

Bubble Snooker (Symbian)

Bubble Snooker is a game that combines the best features
of Bubble Shooter, Pool, and Arcanoid. The winning strategy is to play from the
cusions not letting the balls fill in the whole table. Perfect 3D graphics on your HiRes Palm, pleasant sound and music, addictive gameplay, this is what you get when play Bubble Snooker. Besides, you can take part in the International Bubble Snooker Tournament online.

ButterFlight (Symbian)

Try your magic power on Symbian and you’ll enjoy its bright colors and excellent graphics. You play on the glade that is
filled with the multicolored butterflies. At every round, you have to collect a
certain number of butterflies of a particular color on the glade. You can flip and rotate the butterflies sitting there – try to bring those of the same color together. Be the true Lord of the Butterflies! Good luck!

Checkers Challenge (Symbian)

Checkers anyone? Either you need some training for your logic and strategic skills, or you are in need of some rest, this

game will be a perfect pastime for you. New Checkers Challenge from Absolutist.
com will provide you a decent partner for a game of checkers. New and strong artificial intelligence can play on one of the three available levels of difficulty. This makes the game interesting for the player regardless of his skills in checkers.

Illustrix Dream Pack (Symbian)

Haven’t heard yet about Illustrix? We bet the fans of brain-challenging games are already excited to try it. Absolutist presents beautiful Illustrix series:

* Illustrix: Cat Dream

* Illustrix: Dog Dream

* Illustrix: Bird Dream

* Illustrix: Animal Dream

* …More to come soon…

Whatever you do, it’s always the right time to take a rest with our Illustrix Series. Enjoy playing the most popular computer classics while revealing one by one hundreds of gorgeous pictures with the cutest representatives of the nature.

Jet Ducks (Symbian)

Incredible arcade-shooter mix on your Symbian phone! treat for fans of trendy cartoon graphics and classic shooter-arcade mix from Absolutist. The task of the hunter … oops! sorry … the player is simple: kill as many ducks as possible. But beware – those creatures, first of all, do not fly unprotected (use helmets!), and, second, shoot right at you. So, charge your rifle and stand out against the… Jet Ducks! Trial hunting for free! Download and try it on your Mac ASAP!

Rotate Mania (Symbian)

Fresh new game, combining elements of arcade and puzzle to form a very addictive mix. If you like Tetris, Clickomania, BlockBuster – this one is in the same vein but quite different and entertaining.
Several game modes and skill levels are included to make it even more fun. Strip

and Shift Mania are for people who love meditative strategic games. Time Mania
is exactly what it says – you will be hard pressed to win the game, as new blocks will appear while you are thinking on the next move – you’ll have to be quick.

A Demo mode will give you some extra minutes of fun, as well as an exhibition of the rules in action.

Smiling Bubbles (Symbian)

The path to perfection has no borders, so

as the new bubble game. Smiling Bubbles are not only chatting and laughing, entertaining you but also give you a chance to improve your skills – they are clever and cunning you see. At first you will need some time and attention to clear up who is who (there are both positive and negative characters). Then you should
develop your own strategy, using your quick mind and acuity of vision. Go ahead!

Trivia Machine (SymbianOS)

Now on your Symbian smartphone! Climb to the top of the ladder by answering fun questions from the trivia machine! The game features over 7,000 trivia questions in 9 fun categories. The unique game play involves strategy as well as trivia knowledge…it’s challenging and entertaining! New questions are downloaded automatically so you may never see the same question twice.

* Thousands of fun trivia questions!
* Multiple categories and difficulty levels
* Automatically download new questions!
* Exciting lightning rounds
* Fun, challenging and educational

VolleyBalley (Symbian)

Do you like active sports? Do you like travel, sea and sun? If you do, then you came to the right place! Try Volley Balley by now! Smooth pseudo 3D animation, realistic physics and striking dynamism – these are the main features of the game. Have the everlasting summer on your Symbian! Besides, you can take part in the Online Web Tournament between all the players of Volley Balley regardless of the platform!

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