December 10, 2023


Feel everything

Genshin Impact Version 2.7 is delayed, with more info on the way


Genshin Impact has always had a reliable update cycle, with players getting one new content update every four weeks or so. The coronavirus situation in Shangai seems to have changed HoYoverse’s usual schedule, as the developers announced via Twitter that Version 2.7 of Genshin Impact will see a delay. This news follows another post by HoYoverse stating that it will also delay the monthly update livestream, presumably for similar reasons.

HoYoverse officially stated that the delay was due to “project progress,” but we can reasonably speculate that the Covid-19 lockdowns in Shangai interrupted its development cycle. The company has already had to delay the livestream, and Genshin Impact still has an ongoing issue with the Serenitea Pot where players cannot put down new furniture. The developers did not state how long this delay will last, so we don’t know how many days or weeks we’ll have to wait to get this new update.


An unfortunate delay

HoYoverse has promised some new information in the upcoming days. The announcement of the delay promises that upcoming announcements will provide “detailed information on the date of the new update, content adjustment plan, and compensation.” Hoyoverse has also refrained from stating when the previously planned livestream would go up, but there is a short leaked trailer you can check out.

Obviously, this Genshin Impact delay isn’t ideal, but hopefully, players can act with compassion instead of jumping at the seams for apologems. Currently, you can finish up participating in the Magnificent Irodori Festival in Genshin Impact, or play some of the many other events such as the Vibro Crystal Research. Meanwhile, stay tuned for more information about the future of Genshin Impact, which will include the new characters Yelan and Kuki Shinobu. These two new characters will release in time, so at least this delay gives you some time to hoard your gems.


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