April 13, 2024


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Fall Guys Gets A New Launcher For PlayStation

Fall Guys

Important news for Fall Guys players. The game is getting a brand new launcher for PlayStation, and all current PS4 and PS5 players will need to download it in order to continue playing. The dealing for getting the new launcher is May 9th, after which time the current version of the game will stop working. This is a result of the game’s developers Mediatonic being acquired by publisher Epic last year.

Players will also be given a cool in-game bonus for downloading the new launcher. Once re-downloaded, a free Shark Costume will be available in players’ accounts. Mediatonic have said that the new launcher will bring some exciting new features and improvements.

We’re working closely with the good folks at PlayStation to make the process as smooth as possible, and the new Fall Guys PlayStation Launcher will be the exact same game you know and love—just with a few tweaks under the hood


Additionally, anyone who downloads and installs the game directly from the new launcher on PlayStation will be able to grab the new Selachimorpha-themed costume.

To make the switch to the new launcher, here’s a timetable of events and the key information you need to know.

  • Starting April 5, the new Fall Guys PlayStation Launcher will be available on the PlayStation Store, and will be required to keep playing if you’re an existing owner of the game.
  • If you’re an existing owner of Fall Guys on PS4/5, the new Fall Guys PlayStation Launcher should appear in your Game Library automatically, and all content will transfer. Just hit the PS Library button when it appears!
  • Once you’ve downloaded Fall Guys from the new launcher, we encourage you to delete the old one to free up storage space. After April 5, the old launcher icon will be greyed out. 
  • Claim your free Retro Shark outfit (available until the end of Season 6) through the DLC Store button in the in-game Store page and prepare for the glorious future of Fall Guys by downloading and installing the new launcher from the PlayStation Store after April 5.