June 15, 2024


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Fable 4 rumors of ‘downscaling’ canned by RPG game producer

In the absence of any new information about the next entry in the beloved British RPG game series, Fable 4 rumours continue to persist, and the latest involves accusations of the project ‘downscaling’. However, the new Fable game’s producer is fighting back against this, calling the process “normal, necessary and healthy.”

While there have been previous rumours about Playground Games having to deal with a lack of experience in the genre, given it’s mostly known for the Forza Horizon series, the latest speculation comes from Xbox News Cast – where co-host Gaz stated they had “a source” that claims “Fable had to be scaled down because the team had trouble with the engine.”

Gaz also states this was “nothing to worry about” but several Reddit threads and articles picked up on it. Now, Fable senior producer Amie Loake took to Twitter to dispel fears about this rumour and the idea of the project down scoping – calling it “a normal, necessary and healthy part of game development” and saying that “every single triple-A game you’ve ever played” has undergone something similar.

The reason for it, according to Loake, is to “make sure the team are focused under one clear vision and can get it made in the time they have without killing themselves.” Games that don’t adjust scope regularly are the ones subject to “delays and crunch,” which no one wants.

So, while the rumour about Fable 4 downscaling seems technically correct, it’s only so Playground Games can focus on the actual game itself and what’s important for getting it completed. In other words, what literally every project ever made has had to do, including this article.

This should also be taken as a good sign as, if Playground Games is currently finalising what to include and not to include in the fantasy game sequel, then a Fable release date announcement may not be as far off as we feared. The next Xbox showcase is right around the corner, remember.

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