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Welcome friend! Today we visit Infinity Skies, an upcoming P2E sandbox game that looks interesting and fun. We gathered the most important aspects and made this Infinity Skies Review so you can learn about the game without going through the typical long whitepapers.

Infinity Skies Review: Introduction.

Infinity Skies is an upcoming sandbox game where the gameplay relies on four elements: Building, Socializing, Trading, and Adventure. The game is under development by DreamFuel Games.

Players are challenged to build castles and islands while collecting rare NFT-based skins, decorations and building materials. Like every sandbox game, Infinity Skies will feature a vast gameplay with an ever-expanding series of actions players can perform.

How to Earn in Infinity Skies.

There are many ways players can generate revenue from. Some of them are:

  • Adventure Mode.
  • Gathering NFTs.
  • Manipulating the Marketplace.
  • Creative Building.

Infinity Skies Review: The Gameplay.

The gameplay of Infinity Skies relies around building and maintaining castles and islands. Players are incentivized to set short and long term goals that include climbing the leaderboard for social status, collecting as many NFTs as possible and participating in social activities.

Combat will feature a series of Buffs and Curses with Abilities, Spells and avatar equipment. The adventures divided in chapters, trials and stages will keep players occupied and engaged for a long time. More on this later.

For the time spent, Infinity Skies is going to reward players with the Skyblocks token.

To get a picture of how the game will look like, watch the Infinity Skies Demo Trailer located on the top of page if you haven’t already.

The Building Element

Each player in Infinite Skies owns their own sections of the Sky where they can build whatever they wish.

The Map Territories
  • Sky-Plots: The map of Infinite Skies consists of four rings of four rarities, Astral, Devine, Legendary, and Epic. Each sky-plot is located in these four “territories,” has its own coordinates, and is a digital real-estate property!
  • Island Placement: Islands in Infinite Skies come in a fixed size and different variations (grass island, snow island, etc.) They are also tradable NFTs, and each player starts his journey in Infinite Skies with a free island that is not a digital asset!
  • Object Placement: Statues, Chairs, Paintings, and Furniture are some of the things a player can place down on islands on the grid or freely without grid constraints using free placement. These decorations are tradable NFTs and come in different variations and rarities.
  • Walls, Doors, and Windows: The placing of these objects is an integral part of the building system. These are also tradable NFTs, with the player getting some free and untradable ones upon account creation.
Castle Overview

The Socializing Element 

Each player’s sky plot in Infinity Skies contains at least one portal which acts as a gateway to the world map. After clicking on the portal, the player sees the world map showing all the public sky plots – castles.

The World Map

When visiting a foreign or familiar castle, players have the ability to interact with the host. These interactions include shaking hands, exploring the castle, emoting, and other interesting and exciting activities.

The Portal

Note that players can toggle their castles between private and public, choosing the privacy of their land.

The Trading Element 

Trading in Infinity Skies will occur in the Infinity Exchange using the Skyblocks token!

The Infinity Exchange is driven purely by a Master Orderbook Ledger System. All purchases and sells must first be created as a buy or sell order, respectively.

  • Buy Order: When a user lists a buy order, the order book will first ensure no sell order exists at or below this buy price. If one does, the order is fulfilled immediately, and the user can claim their purchased NFT, and the seller can claim their earned Skyblocks.
  • Sell Order: When a user lists a sell order, the order book will first make sure no buy order exists at or above this selling price. If one does, then the order is fulfilled immediately, and the user can claim their ISKY amount, and the buyer can claim their NFT.

All sales in the marketplace will have a 10% royalty tax.

The Adventure Element 

On launch, Infinity Skies will have one adventure game called Immemorial Chronicles. Immemorial Chronicles will be the first game added to the adventure mode game list and will be a game of quest completion. 


Immemorial Chronicles gameplay will not include NFTs because they want this mode not to be pay-to-win. It will be an extremely challenging game where failure is more likely than completion. Failing will delete all progress made within the adventure and will have to start over.

This mode rewards players with Valor Badges (points)

There will be plenty of stuff going on, from Buffs, Spells, Weapons, Enemies, and Landmarks. All these stuff will combine and form the challenging gameplay we want. All the details!

NFTs – Blockchain Assets

All the assets in Infinity Skies are ERC 1155 and called the Infinity Skies Collection! All the NFTs will be owned by players and can be used in the game!

Currently, the Infinity Skies Collection has eight different rarities:

  1. Common
  2. Uncommon
  3. Rare
  4. Epic
  5. Legendary
  6. Divine
  7. Astral
  8. Royal

The Infinity Skies Collection has eight different types:

  1. Islands
  2. Walls
  3. Floors
  4. Roofs
  5. Objects (e.g., tables, chairs, etc.)
  6. Cosmetics (for character customization)

Tokenomics of Infinity Skies

Apart from the primary ecosystem’s token, SkyBlock, which we will talk about, some fragment tokens are obtained by playing the game or as a reward for staking LP and are ERC-20 tokens. There are four different types of fragments, these are:

  1. Gold Fragment
  2. Silver Fragment
  3. Bronze Fragment
  4. Quicksilver Fragment

SkyBlock Token: Skyblock is an ERC-20 token used as the primary currency in the Infinity Skies ecosystem! It has a maximum supply of 100M tokens.

The tokens distribution goes as follows:

  • Company Reserve: 10%
  • Marketing Allocation: 15%
  • Seed/Private Sale Allocation: 25%
  • Play-to-Earn Allocation: 24%
  • Team & Advisors Allocation: 20%
  • Liquidity Pool: 5%
  • Public Sale: 1%

Final Words About Infinity Skies

Infinity Skies seems like a really interesting game with lots of potentials. Its gameplay features some cool mechanics like the building element, which is an all-time classic and everyone loves.

If you want to know all the details, read the Infinity Skies Whitepaper.

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