June 22, 2024


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Eye for Design – Game Review, Download, Tips and Tricks

Today let’s look into a new design game Eye for Design – the latest title developed by Techfront and published by Sandlot Games.

Speaking about the task, your point is to help Halle – a young talented designer who’s just graduated from the design academy to meet all the whims of her customers and get to the top of the business.

Similarly to many designing games, Eye for Design features funny cartoon graphics and amusing soundtrack. Moreover, this game will introduce you to a bunch of lovely characters. Just like in other games created by Sandlot, all customer types are very realistically and ironically depicted (you’re going to design interior for students obsessed with video games, hippies that cannot stand anything new and fashionable, cowboys, Adams-like families etc.).

Basically, your task is to place furniture items from the obligatory and optional lists on the available spots in a room. But there are few things for you to remember:

1. Each customer has their whims. Some of your customers would like “oldie” or cowboy-style furniture even though it looks ugly. But as you know, a customer is always right; so be sure to pick a cowboy-style interior elements out of all the furniture items available. So, just like in Wedding Dash, you’ll have to read the wishes of your customers in the beginning of each level carefully.

2. There will be 3 types of goals for you. You’ll have to achieve the required goals by placing the furniture items highlighted in orange in your list. Those are obligatory items required to reach the minimum score. Optional elements are highlighted in blue. They will boost your score significantly. And the third – hidden goal is what you achieve when you fulfill customer’s wishes.

3. If you earn silver trophy for every room in the house, you’ll unlock bonus round where you’ll be able to decorate the room to your heart’s content.

4. Colors. You will be able to change colors of the furniture, but you have to be pretty careful with the palette. Try to choose two colors that complement each other and look nice together. Use them for the furniture for a better score. Don’t stick to a solid color and don’t make the furniture too multicolored.

5. Start to work on interior design with the most useful items (like a bed for a bedroom, dining table for a kitchen). Once you place them right, you’ll see the logics of interior design: a nightstand goes by the bed, a TV set should be in front of a couch or chairs, a chair should stand next to a desk etc.)

6. Even if you have scored enough to go to the next room in the house, be sure to click Accessories tab and decorate the room with extra pictures, mirrors, carpets, lamps etc. They will never reduce your score. Keep your customer’s wishes in mind while accessorizing the room.

Speaking about the drawbacks of the game I would admit its somewhat repetitive background melody.

And as always, I appreciate the titles that blend different game-play mechanics (not only object placing puzzles). It would be nice to see some mini-puzzles, like point-and-click or hidden object in the game.