June 22, 2024


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Dungeons And Dragons PSP – Honest Review

Having come from a background of playing table top Dungeons and Dragons, I was very excited when I learned of a Dungeons and Dragons PSP version. Could this finally the Dungeons & Dragons conversion we have been waiting for all these years. Well, the short answer is YES and NO. Confused? Well, let me explain.

This of course isn’t the first time Dungeons & Dragons has made its transition to electronic form, we had Advanced Dungeon’s and Dragons – Cloudy Mountain way back in 1982 for the Intellivision, Baldur’s Gate for consoles formats, Neverwinter Nights for the PC and more recently, the mammoth Dungeon and Dragons online. So, I wondered, how would this differ to the rest?

Some of the Dungeons and Dragons video games throughout its history have been great but hasn’t had much in common with the table top version other than the name itself. Baldur’s gate for example was great but was mostly a hack and slash and somehow lost some of the original feel.

Whether you enjoy Dungeons & Dragons Tactics for the PSP will depend on your view point. It has received some criticism such as the difficulty of sorting through the items you find or obtain after a battle. Granted, the interface is a bit fiddly but back in the table top days, sorting through the booty was part of the fun!

The battle is the classic turn based system which follows the D&D 3.5 rules quite closely, which is quite different to some of the modern real time battles that RPGs are starting to favour. For this reason and others, this game is one of the closest incarnations to the original role-playing game.

You will pleased to know that all the classic races can be selected for your campaigns, choosing a good balance of Clerics, humans, half-orcs should assure a good degree of success. The alignment of each character is present but it can be very difficult to stick with this throughout the game depending on the unfolding events.

If I had to point out the main problem with the game, that would be the camera angle. Why do so many games have trouble getting this right? It’s not a huge problem here but sometimes it can be difficult to see what is happening up ahead, unless this was a deliberate feature? Also, the camera can zoom in and out quite erratically.

Visually, the graphics aren’t stunning but maybe this is a throw back to the original role-playing game…where there weren’t ANY graphics, it was all visualised in your head! The visuals that are there are quite atmospheric due to the seedy lighting which can only add to a better experience.

This may not be the best ever RPG but if you have come from a turn based Final Fantasy background or more importantly, a D&D table top background, then this Dungeons & Dragons PSP game – D&D Tactics is well worth a look.