June 17, 2024


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Best Characters For Overwatch 2 Push Mode


Overwatch 2, like its prequel, has plenty of characters that you can choose from. All of them are perfectly viable but some are better than others especially when you are playing the Push Mode. In this Overwatch 2 guide, we are going to go over some of the best characters that you should select during Push Mode.

Overwatch 2 Characters You Should Pick For Push Mode

The following are some of the best characters that we can recommend for Overwatch 2 Push Mode:

Soldier 76

Soldier 76 is one of the easiest characters to play in the game as he can sprint and his ultimate ability is just like an aimbot. That is why we recommend this character to players that are getting started.

Soldier 76

This is a safe character to pick, even in Push Mode as he has reliable damage and can even heal himself. Paired with the right support he can do a lot of damage.


Tracer is very fast and can zip in and out of combat with a blink of an eye. She can also reverse time which reverses the damage that she takes as well. Her abilities and high DPS make her great for flanking enemies.

Overwatch 2 Push Mode

If you have an aggressive playstyle and like to play the DPS character then this is a great choice. The only downside is that she can be fragile since her HP is very low. Avoid taking on tanks and stick to taking out enemy support.


Tanks in Overwatch 2 can deal and absorb a lot of damage. That is where Reaper comes in. Reaper can heal depending on the damage that he does. His shotguns have ample spread but since you will be attacking tanks, that is not going to be an issue.

Overwatch 2 Push Mode

Reaper can teleport in and out of combat and he can also become immune for a couple of seconds. This ultimate can be very devastating and can take out enemies around him that are close enough.


Lucio is one of the best supports in the game as he can not only heal himself and allies around him but increase their movement speed as well. His ultimate ability overheals allies around him which can save your team from devastating ultimate attacks from the enemy characters.

Overwatch 2 Push Mode

He deals decent damage and has the ability to push enemies back. This can come in handy in certain maps where you can push enemies off the edge.


This is one of the more complicated characters in the game but worth investing your time into. Once you get the hang of things Genji can take out multiple enemies at the same time.

He is very fast and he has the ability to deflect incoming projectiles for a short period of time. He can also climb walls, which allows players to come up with interesting strategies.

You will need to make the most of his abilities because he does not do a lot of damage without them.

These are some of the best characters that we recommend picking when playing Overwatch 2 Push Mode. Remember to have fun!


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